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Posted: May 26, 2013 by    

travel agent nightmare

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Contact information:
England, Greater London
United Kingdom
Phone: +442033552107
Dear Sir/ Madam,
The is a cover letter to support the evidence I am submitting for a refund from Bravo Fly a travel agent I have now discovered is based in Milan, Italy not London. I have been contacting them on 02071006746.
I have made over 30 phone calls and about 20 emails to their customer service, cancellation and scheduling departments and I have not had one satisfactory response if any.
They had a technical issue with their website and the flight I believed I had purchased for passenger Adi Noy was for the 11/06/13. However, when they emailed me confirmation of this, it had the date wrong, the 10/06/13. Now on the 10/06/13 day Adi Noy has a university exam so I would never have made this booking for this date. I immediately contacted them to find out how this had happened and to this day one month later, I have had no response and I wish to get all my money back and make the booking directly with El Al Airline before the price goes up. As of 11/05/13 the price for the flight I want is still the same.
The only contact I have had from them was on the 10/05/13 they have told me I cannot change the booking. This is a fraud and a lie as I have spoken to the airline and they say it is possible to change the booking and they are not fully booked.
Below is a summary of the dates and every effort I have made to communicate with Bravo Fly.
I have never been so stressed out and upset by a company and I still do not have the ticket for the flight I purchased leaving on 11/06/13 returning on 18/06/13 from London Luton to Tel Aviv on El Al Airlines:-

Booked flight via website. Email confirmation arrives and the date of flight is different to what I had clicked on and the date needed to be changed as the 10/06/13 was incorrect. I had selected 11/06/13.
I immediately called them to change the date and to enquire why the web site had done this. They informed me of technical difficulties and said they would email the change of flight confirmation. I also email the company (shown in my submitted evidence) the same request and information and state it is urgent.
I receive a quote for changing my flight to the correct day of 11/-06/13 but they have added a fee off 59 EUROS after telling me they had technical problems.
I respond:-
“ I should not have to pay an airline penalty. Your website did not function correctly. I selected the 11 th June but it processed it wrong. I only looked at 10th, then moved the sliding bar at the top of the screen to 11th then booked. It should not have processed 10th”

The next day I receive a confirmation they are looking into the problem:-
“Your request has already been read and forwarded to the competent office.

The fee regarding the change as well as he possibility depend entirely from he airline companies”
The above is emailed to me.
I write:- “You have not replied to my last email.
Please respond.”
It takes them until the 25/04/13 to respond to this particular email and all they say as you will see from the email history is :-
“Dear Jimmy Cornaro,

Your last email was forwarded to our complains department. From my experience if you need to modify your booking, you should go on with the change.
Unless you can prove that our site is not working properly it will remain the only option when it comes to change your booking.”
I still have no explanation regarding the technical difficulties and all I receive is this:-
“Unfortunately the fee regarding does not depend on us but airline company.
Your request has already been delt with and the fee is the final one as unable to confirm any changes without the penalty required”
They email me with a quote for the change in flight will be an additional 97EUROS even though the price on the website that day confirms the price is the same as what I paid on the 13/04/13. They have made up a figure and said it is the airline penalty.
I confirm via email AGAIN that I need this flight change confirmed:-
“Ok I will not be using your booking service again. Thank you.

Please can you change the flight to the 11/06/13”

To which they respond the same day “Thank you for your e-mail.

Your request has already been read and forwarded to the competent office.
It will be replied as soon as possible.”


I telephone to find out what is happening. They are very unhelpful and tell me to be patient and wait a few days until they email me confirmation.


I email:-

“My complaint now is this.
I asked a question to your customer service that I should not have to pay the airline penalty. I then received a quote for the change of schedule for about 50 euros. I then had to wait for your customer service agent to reply to me. When she did. I accepted that and said ok I will pay the 50 euros. Then she told me the quote will be emailed to me.
When it arrived it is now nearly 100 euros not 50 like the 1st quote!!! This is crazy as it is because I have waited for your company to answer my question and it took you so long, why should I now have to pay double for the change.
Now you either change it for the original 50 euros or please cancel my whole flight and refund me I full.
I need an answer today because it will cost me more to pay again with difference airline.”
And they reply the same day “I've forwarded your email to our change department.
They will contact you soon”
I email :- “If this takes any longer for your complaint team to get back to me the ticket price will go up even more! What can I do?”
No reply from them.


I Call again


I write:-
“I cannot change my flight until I have spoken to the complaints team. I have been waiting for a week to solve my problem and it is urgent because the price of my flight keeps going up.
It is urgent. Why has no body contacted me?”
No reply from them.


I Call again and write this email:-
“It has been one week and I still have not been contacted by the complaint department.
I deserve a full refund please.
This is the worst service of any company. You are treating me very badly”


I telephone to speak to a supervisor or manager and I am told this is not possible. I am advised by the call centre to write an email to the customer service team explaining the situation and they will contact me shortly. You can see my email of the 01/05/13 I do this.
“I have sent 10 emails and spoken to 5 customer service agents and nobody has answered my complaint. I have also waited 10 days for the complaint department to call me and everyday I email you.
This is unacceptable service.
I wish for a full refund of this booking due to the incompetence of your company and now I have waited so long for you to answer my question, if I change my flight it will cost £100 more than if you had answered my question earlier!
So please, I cannot speak to the same customer service people, they can't help me. I need a manager who can deal with this professionally.
This is urgent because I need you to refund me so I can by my ticket with a better company and it is becoming more expensive everyday.
James Cornaro”
They have not responded to this email yet and I have called many times to find out when they will respond and the call centre staff just laugh at me and hang up the phone or tell me they have no time limit to respond, it may be in one month or one year!
Cancellation request responded to saying they would give me 120.23 EUROS back.
I ask them not to cancel but to change my flight to the 11/06/13 like I asked nearly 1 month ago. They reply
“we are sorry to inform you that your ticket fare does not permit any change.
Therefore we cannot carry on with the requested booking change .”
To which I email back immediately “You have already said it is ok and I have spoken to the airline and they say it is possible.”
They have not responded to this email yet.This day I spoke to the London El Al Airline office and the customer service assistant confirmed they could change my ticket to the date I wanted no problem. But the travel agent had to call to make the change as my contract is with Bravofly not El Al.

On the 24/05/13 they have told me they will not change my flight because they took so long to respond they are not allowed to by the airline and they will give me 100EUROS refund for complete cancellation. I have lost 350 Euros because they couldn't answer a simple question within one month.
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N  19th of Jun, 2014 by    0 Votes
I have just had the same experience. Bravofly has changed our flight dates. I used the drop down calendar to chose the 11th July, but the confirmation email for the booking reads 7 november. I am very sure this was not my booking. I am yet to contact them because I want all correspondence to be in writing. What is the email you used to contact them please and do you have any advice in handling this because by all the other reviews and and problems with date changes, flight changes, I think there must be some experience out there. And maybe we need to collect all our info together and make an issue for them to behave better. Please pass on their email if you still have it, thank you
A  26th of Jun, 2014 by    0 Votes
I have had a similar experience with Bravofly. On April 8th I bought two single tickets from London to New York with Bravofly (£908) but was horrified to discover that the airline (Hemus Air) did not actually exist. I emailed them to cancel and request a refund and they said they would refund £891.45 or the full amount if I transferred. I requested a transfer whereupon they transferred me to the original flight (but removed the words Hemus Air). No explanation offered. I then requested a refund. They eventually replied that they would offer me a refund of £77.50. Again no explanation as to why they had chosen this particular figure or why it was so much less than what they had originally offered. I have spent a lot of money trying to sort this out on their expensive hotline. They say they will phone back but never do. Needless to say, I have not received a penny!
A  22nd of Dec, 2014 by    0 Votes
I wonder if anyone has made contact with a airline class action lawyer, I presume it must be an international lawyer. I will not go into the horrid details other then to say, I booked a flight from Aalesund, Norway to Atlanta Ga leaving 02/04/2015 leaving at 0900 and arriving in ATL at 18:41. The return flight was 03/30/2015 leaving ATL at 11:48 and arriving in Aalesund at 1400 ON THE 3RD OF MARCH< NOT THE 30th. I began writing, calling (a pay number OF COURSE) at least 10 calls and dozens of emails. I was told the 2nd day of this nightmare that I would receive a full refund. Now, I will receive appr. $60 for a $720 trip. The stress this has caused is unreal. It has totally ruined my Christmas holiday attitude and also I now fear that I will arrive at an airport to find that I may not even have a seat available. BRAVOFLY is nothing less then a SCAM and is robbing many people daily. I contacted SAS, the airline and they tried for 3 hours to make contact with bravofly to no avail. They emailed me saying that this was the worst case they had encountered and should be put out of business. I agree. I have seen several people mention a CLASS ACTION SUIT against BRAVOFLY. Has anyone found an attorney that will take this case ? I imagine the complaintants would be a staggering number. I have not seen my son in 6 yrs and that is mostly due to finances. This was my dream trip home to visit my son and only brother. It is so sad that a company can get away with treating customers like we are the criminal here. I would appreciate any comments from others.
A  1st of Jan, 2015 by    0 Votes
Avoid Bravofly Scam
TicketNr: 2014111810013791 BookingNr: 3303718395
I was checking prices for flights when I was on scyscanner page and I was forwarded to bravofly. Bravofly processed immediately and promptly charged my Visa credit card even when I clicked on Visa Electron. I wasn’t intended to use my credit card, I preferred to check if I can pay with my Visa Electron debit card but the bravofly payment system promptly charged my credit card even if I hadn’t chosen the the credit card botton. I got confirmation email but the phone number on the email was a number which cost 6€ for 10 minutes and which only could be called if paying by credit card. That would be also a scam to credit card. However it was a Saturday and I couldn’t contact my bank and bravofly so I lost 564€ from my credit card. I couldn’t pay the amount back to my bank and I got blacklisted. Be aware of Bravofly fraud. They use dirty tricks to charge people credit cards, probably they have their offices and call centers abroad where they can charge credit cards faster.
I contacted their head office in Italian swiss and I’ll sue on court. Further I’ll report this case to the authorities. Please contact me with your name, address and email if you are also a victim of Bravofly fraud. I see there are many complaints on www.trustpilot.com https://www.complaintsboard.com www.sitejabber.com www.reviewcentre.com www.trpadvisor.com www.the guardian.com www.telegraph.co.uk and more
If bravofly doesn’t charge back my credit card I’ll spread this post everyday on internet
A  1st of Oct, 2015 by    0 Votes
I have a same problem I purchased a ticket be4 3 months ago from bravofly the cost was 2000, I cancelled it like 10 days ago they all allready accept my cancellation and my request money back and after that they desaper, I am so scared that they will not give the money naw bcoz I need the money for my hasband cure right now am worried

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