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I booked two Ryanair flights with Bravofly in January. I received confirmation and recently received a notification email to say I could check in online.

When I went online to do this it asked me for the email address provided at the time of booking. We used my partners email address. When I entered the details it said it was incorrect so I went back to the email from Bravofly to see if I was missing something. I noticed that the email they had registered was not my partners email, but a random email address containing his name. I tried it, and it worked, enabling me to check in. I was slightly alarmed by this and checked the email about our other flight. The same thing again; not my partner's 'actual' email address but a random email address containing his name.

I called Bravofly today to find out what this was all about and the man I spoke to was rude, abrupt and sounded like he couldn't care less. His English was also very broken. His words to me were "Yea...the agency sent that through so what can I do?"

I am absolutely disgusted by this and I am concerned about arriving at the airport to find there is some sort of mistake with our booking. It doesn't fill me with any confidence at all. This is the poorest customer service I have ever encountered and I will be doing my best to discourage anyone from using Bravofly in the future. Awful company - don't deserve the business.

May 6, 2014
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  • Br
      8th of May, 2014

    Dear Squirrel000,

    We have read your comments with interest and are sorry that you have had causefor concern regarding your booking with us.

    We would like to reassure you that we are a serious and reliable company. Regarding the situation with Ryanair, we have been offering Ryanair flights for a long time and a huge number of people have flown on Ryanair through booking on our site without any problems whatsoever and continue to do so. There is no need to worry when purchasing said flights through our services as they are valid travel documents.

    The email address associated to your booking is used by us as your travel agency in order to manage any requests made by you or communications by the airline. In order to carry out online check-in (to avoid the airport fee) as you have already done you just need to follow the instructions sent in both our confirmation email and a separate email sent closer to the departure date.

    We can guarantee that our clients don't risk anything booking Ryanair tickets with us and there will be no problems boarding the plane. Of course we would be more than happy to confirm this to you in private and answer any further queries you may have.

    Kind regards, Sofia

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  • Ta
      3rd of Jun, 2014

    I am looted by, When i went on to book my ticket it said 4712 krons however they charged me 5172 at the end, saying that this is Card fees and our Services charge. which was clearly mentioned on their website that there is no additional cost to that amount. This was a bug on their Website which they have fixed now, now they show the actuaal amount. However i have the screenshotss where it says 4712 as total cost and then still they charged me 500 Crons Extra.
    I wish i can sue them. Just do not want to get much involved in all this ###. However i do have the screenshots and my actual tickets

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  • Br
      4th of Jun, 2014

    Dear Tarandeep,

    Thank you for your comments regarding your recent booking with us. We are sorry to read that you have had cause to complain about the final price displayed.

    The final price should always be displayed prior to agreeing to pay for the booking and should you choose a different method of payment the price is updated.

    We would of course like to investigate your case in more detail, therefore if you could send us your 9-digit Bravofly ID by replying to our private message here, we would be most grateful.

    Kind regards, Sofia

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  • Ou
      2nd of Jul, 2014

    I experience similar concern when I received a random email to reply to. I don't think Ryanair make this clear in their correspondence when booking but simply say "follow the instructions". It's a little disconcerting to reply to a strange email. They should make it clearer like "DO NOT REPLY TO ANY OTHER EMAIL EXCEPT THE RANDOM ONE! AND that there is no problem using this strange email that they have made up. (iT'S NOT UP TO ME TO FIGURE OUT THINGS LIKE THIS FOR RYANAIR)?.

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  • Br
      7th of Oct, 2014

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We're not sure if you are referring to a booking made directly with Ryanair or through Bravofly, however full instructions for bookings made with Ryanair through Bravofly are provided in the confirmation email and a separate online check-in email closer to the departure of your flight.

    Please reply to our message in private should you have any further queries.

    Thanks, Sofia

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