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I booked a flight, but then something horrible happened with my best friend and I needed my booking to be cancelled. I didn't had the time for travelling, because the situation was very serious. I contacted Bravofly and received an email that cancellation was being processed. I heard nothing from Bravofly, so contacted the airline. They felt very sorry for me, but there was nothing they could do. I tried to contact the Bravofly again, but they were ignoring me. So I had no other choice that asking the airline for help. Well, they were well aware of how horrible bravofly is. It was difficult ant took some time, but in the end airline changed the status of my ticket. Bravofly is horrible company. They gave me a promise and I believed. I'll never use Bravoflay or any other services like that. I don't trust them anymore.

Dec 15, 2015

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