Bravoflyincompetent, poor customer service

I booked flights for my family to travel from Syd to Christchurch in late December 2014. Unfortunately my wife was hospitalised for 2 weeks prior to Christmas as she has incurable, secondary cancers. Despite countless calls and emails with Bravofly during an extremely stressful time, they continually screwed up in many ways when I tried to amend the booking (e.g. got the wrong Christchurch in the wrong country, got the wrong destination, got the wrong dates). Their 24 hour customer service line went unanswered, or were answered by people with poor English. They didn't answer my queries, kept on getting my simple flight request change wrong, and ignored requests (like the option of cancellation). Despite contacting them well over a week before we were due to fly out, I was still on the phone and emailing with them less than 12 hours before my flight. I ended up having to cancel my ticket (and only get <40% refund) despite me asking for this option many many times before. This was potentially the last overseas family holiday with my wife so I am extremely angry at their handling of this.and refused to take responsibility for their mistakes, nor attempted to rectify the problem satisfactorily despite complaint emails and calls.

Feb 09, 2015

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