Bravoflybravofly - beware scam - company pretends to refund their cancellations but never pays customers, theft

E Sep 23, 2014 Review updated:

Warning: beware and do not book with bravofly. They came up thru skyscanner and I have regretted clicking their name ever since.

I have experienced the following scam and delay tactic from bravofly. My 9 digit booking id is: [protected].

I made a booking from 19 june 2014 for a return flight from hkg to syd on 4 july 2014 on skyscanner. On 27 june 2014 the airline informed me the flight was cancelled and I contacted bravofly for information. Your company offered me the option of a voucher or refund of my usd $457.90 and I chose refund to my credit card on 28 june 2014.

It has now been 3 months and I still have not received the credit to my account, despite emailing customer service (What a joke - bravofly seems to have none and care nothing about its customers) and calling your international and australian numbers throughout june, july, august and september. Each time the only response is that bravofly is waiting for the refund from the airline (Air asia x) and no update. On requesting that someone check with the airline to ensure it is indeed being processed and not lost (Since submission 3 months ago) , the customer service agent refused. Then she came up with other excuses (Such as "it is being handled by finance team which we have no access to") and took another 40 minutes of arguing on the phone to get her just to note on my account that I called and requested someone should follow up.

To date, I still have not received any refund for a flight cancellation that was not my request more then 3 months ago. I had to pay full fare with another airline (I booked directly instead of using bravofly) also. Bravofly are lightning quick to take your money but if any issues occur or the service is not delivered they do not return it, under the guise of 'waiting from the refund of the airline'. It has been 3 months to date which is unreasonably long and I still have not seen any refund of my payment. I think they are purposely keeping all the money which they never intended to return.


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      Oct 26, 2014

    I purchased flights for my 83 year old mother, my ADHD & Aspergers Syndrome son and myself for Glasgow to Jersey on 27th February 2015 coming back on 2nd March for my best friends wedding. This cost me £469.03 of which my mother paid £340, I paid the rest and as a single parent and pensioner, this is a lot of money. I was relieved when the flights were booked but I received an email saying my flights had been cancelled due to the fact that as I asked for special assistance for my mother, the price had increased. I've booked flights to go to Vienna, Portugal, Jersey and Tenerife and asked for special assistance and under NO circumstances have I had to pay extra for this. When I phoned this morning, they said once the banks are operational I will get a refund. They are very quick to take the money out of your account, but not so quick to put it back in. What do I do, who should I approach and how do I get my money back from them, as I cannot book flights through an airline unless I have the funds to do so.

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      Jul 15, 2015

    "bravofly" I had an experience whereby I booked a flight to Manila last Friday night and had to cancel it. About 8 hours later because I had 2 brothers already out of the country and I had their power of attorney. I requested a postponement with bravofly by email because they don't answer their phones at all. Well they answer in that you get a recording that the call is being recorded for staff training but that's it. So I sent email after email all Saturday afternoon and night for no results whatsoever. They were obviously hiding and were very professional at it. So by the time I realized they were having a go at me I called Philippine Airlines who said I had to contact the ppl who sold me the ticket. I told them that bravo had gone into hiding but they refused to help me and I have flown with them on many occasions and like everything about them until now. My advice, beware of the airline and the middle man bravofly, they took me for $1400. Glenn H

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      Aug 11, 2015

    I recently booked a flight with Bravofly going to Esperance on 1st November and returning on the 8th November. I had one of their Flexi Fare vouchers from a flight last year that I was forced to cancel. I tried to use the voucher when booking on the site. I was unable to do that due to technical issues on the site. Although I did not press the submit button on their booking website, the amount of the airfare appears to be frozen in my account. It has been frozen with an authorization on it for several days now. I emailed Bravofly about my inability to use their voucher on their site and they are refusing to honour the voucher. I feel that I should be refunded the amount of the voucher as it is not my fault if their website does not work properly. That is not my responsibility. It is the responsibility of Bravofly to make sure that the website function properly for customers. When I tried to find my booking on the virgin Australia website, it was not there. I feeling very upset and angry and very very worried. The full price has been frozen in my account which seems to be much more than was advertised. I had tried telephoning Bravofly but none of the number work. I have sent numerous emails concerning my voucher but also asking them to contact me so that I can discuss my booking. Most of my emails have been totally ignored which is very rude. The emails that have been responded to have been very short and have not answered all my concerns. I am terrified that I have fallen victim to a scam. I am on a low income. I am a single woman who will be travelling alone and do not want to be stranded anywhere. I also cannot afford to lose money.

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