Brave New Look / order never shipped/ emails ignored

San Francisco, CA, United States
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I ordered a sweater in early December with an estimated delivery a week before Christmas (it was a gift). It never arrived, so I emailed multiple times in January to follow up or just cancel the order. No response. I emailed several times in February as well... no response. March, same thing, no response. I finally received a response in late April that the order had accidentally been lost during the shipment process, so they were re-making it and re-shipping out- projected arrival mid-May. I emailed back that I would rather cancel the order since the item is a SWEATER and it is no longer SWEATER WEATHER (and also it was meant to be a Christmas gift), but, you guessed it, no response. The sweater was $60. The company does not have a telephone number, so the only way to reach out is via email or the "contact us" form on their site. I tried both. I also tried commenting on their facebook page, but my comments were simply deleted. This company is a scam, do not order from them.

May 15, 2017

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