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Contact information: and its associate company I've experienced most all the complaints listed here and more. I lost business because they continued to have server problems but I don't blame Support Dept. I blame Upper Management. This is a young company and they are very immature in all their actions in management. Although they have older owners who do not want to get involved with their customers. 99.9% False advertisements. They do not have experienced designers. They do not like to correct any of their OWN mistakes. And there are plenty in Management.They passed me around from Manager to Supervisor to Manager to Supervisor over and over for 5 months because they did not know what to do about their errors. They took my websites down, changed them (ie. subject, header, art and content) on their own, without my authorization, and put them back on the Internet. They put wrong content. When the customer complains and points their errors out they call it abuse. Instead of constructive criticism and change the website to make it right and make the customer happy. Instead they make additional errors which all goes back to the Supervision and Management of this Design Department. They essentially supervise this department to do "design in a box" not professionally done websites worth $2, 000.00. (Word Press sites). They took down my websites that I never asked to be taken down and re-did them to sometheing I never asked to be developed. How does that happen? It almost seemed deliberate actions. They then put a false suspension on my account saying I used vulgar language . I wonder why I waited until the 5th month of doing business with them to start using vulgar language? Because it didn't happen. They got too deep into their mistakes and could not rectify them so their solution was to get rid of the customer. Their customer is not their number one concern I assure you. My sites were kept in hostage for over 8 months. They failed to buy two websites I paid for. They could not do what they advertise for. Developers should beware when making deals with this company. I had 17 unfinished websites with them. I lost money.None of them were ever completed. due to their mistakes. They refunded my money quickly. I wonder why? They owe me much more than what they refunded me. They backed my files up wrong and would not cooperate with my new hosting company. They would not allow me to back them up for the transfer. Again making my life miserable as I had to pay over $2, 000 to have the files broken down by a "NASA Scientist" (IT Professional). Then some of the websites disappeared completely (I expected that to happen considering their past mistakes and immaturity). I am hoping for a better future now that I am away from them. However, I Have given them notice of a forthcoming lawsuit. They have in-house attorney who refuses to communicate with you; I suspect he is part-owner from his behavior being similar to the owner. My recent search indicated he had previous Internet business legal problems. Where was all this information when I was checking them out? I gave them too many chances to correct their mistakes. My advice to anyone is to get out now. Unless they clean house in management and supervision in the Design-in-a-Box Department and totally clean out Management at They should sell to NEW owners who care about their customers problems and not block their emails asking for help. They clearly did not want to deal with this disabled customer. I say a business follows their leader. This clearly trickled all the way down to their Supervisors in Design. There are many more issues not mentioned that harmed me and my business but too lengthy. They lied in their advertisements. The only awards they received were the ones they gave themselves. They also truly think they are above the Law. They destroyed my business. Someone needs to stop these people from doing further harm to other consumers.

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      19th of Apr, 2012

    Vincent Fisher and Mark Jenney are the owners of Brainhost. They are essentially white-collar criminals. They both have a sordid past involving internet consumer fraud. They claim to be "internet wizards" and "Christians" but in reality they are just crooks who use the internet to steal from people who are taken in by their false promises and blatant misrepresentions. Please call the Ohio Attorney General's Office and complain at 800-282-0515. They have been sued by the OAG before when they owned a very similar internet marketing business known as NSA Technologies. Apparently they did not learn their lesson. Liars, cheaters, scammers is all they are. They will eventually get what is coming to them.

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  • Mi
      4th of May, 2012

    BrainHost is owned by Vincent Edward Fisher, Mark Warren Jenney, and Victor J. Bierman III. They have been involved in a number of schemes and a number of law suits over the last few years.

    127 Complaints 71 Comments $646, 892 Total Reported Damages

    Brain Host also owns:

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      22nd of Feb, 2013

    With all of us being ripped off i think we should take out a class action on these theives and fraudsters!

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