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[Resolved] Sitemilecustom coding project

Be wary of Sitemile custom coding service

Due to a small budget for a project with the end goal of raising funds for charities, I decided to use Sitemile's custom coding service due to the low cost I was quoted and reasonable timeframe of two weeks. 7 weeks after paying a portion of the projects cost upfront I am still waiting to see results. I am deeply disappointed in the service that Sitemile has offered and the way this project has been handled. I have been deceived on many occasions regarding the time that is still left on the project and have now missed critical site launch dates. I hope others do not have to go through the same experience that I have. Please approach Sitemile with caution.

  • Resolution Statement

    After posting this complaint the team at sitemile started uploading the updates to the custom coding project that I contracted them to do

Sitemileproject theme - specific works paid but never delivered

As many others customers, I paid for a theme full of bugs or lack of functionalities. The admin-founder-single-employee (Andrei Saioc) has charged me for "specific works" (until now, I'v paid more than 600$) but I'm still waiting for delivery. According to him, it should have taken 1 week maximum.
I've paid 50% while ordering and he has accepted 10$ penalty for each day of delay. But without any delivery I've finally paid 50% of nothing !

Day after day, he invents new excuses and explains that he his "close to deliver" / "about to finish" / "it' will be uploaded in a bit" ...
No more answer since 2 days and I still wait for my paid work...
@Andrei : don't try to answer I'm a liar and not a real customer : my sitemile login is "Jeremie CADOR" and I can publish all the tickets details

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    sitemile Oct 20, 2019

    Please mark this as resolved. We have solved all the issues and all bad things have been either marked as solved, or deleted, but this was left. Please mark this as resolved

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  • Si
    sitemile Oct 20, 2019

    here is the last of the skype discussion after project was done

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SitemileWorst customer service ever!

Hello. I have purchased a WordPress theme from SiteMile website and there was something wrong with it. It worked fine when I was on my PC, but when I used the tablet there were many bugs and problems with colors.
I contacted SiteMile customer service and when I explained what happened and asked for help their rep treated me horribly! Just go online, find some reviews and see for yourself how these guys talk to their clients! Terrible! They literally called me liar and said I was fake.
The worst customer service ever!

SitemileTheme Customization

I got some customizations to be done for which I asked for a quote. I clearly mentioned eveything in my document even with the screenshots. I got a quote from them with the timeline of 2 weeks. I added 50% advance to their account immediately once they sent the link. But to mu surprise work was not even started on the third week. I sent so many mails, skype messages, then Andreis worked only 1 day cleared half of the customizations. Half of them are still pending. Its been 2 months (as he told it will 2 weeks) but still the work is not finished.

It is very dissappointing.

www.sitemile.comThey didn't provide any support and started to avoid the communication with me

I paid money for the themes, which offered the company I tried to work with them, but the services were the worst and the agents almost all the time, they ignored me. I was disappointed that I wasted money and time. I wanted to ask for the help, maybe someone can advise something useful. As well as share this info and post comments about your experience with them.

  • Si
    sitemile Dec 12, 2014

    how can we verify this complaint is even real ? we dont even have a customer with your name
    we have people that are working 24 hrs a day in our customer forums and they answer customer queries, i am pretty sure you are not a customer since you would have had access to the forums and get the needed support right away!

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    impaurita88 Jun 03, 2016

    Don’t deal with the jerks from the company They didn’t provide any support. The agent only promised and diddle-daddle a lot, but in result I got completely nothing. I wasted my money and time, but in result these ### ignored my emails and complaints. Stay away from them and post comments if the same crap happened with you. So be careful if you use this website or leave comments if you have horrible experience with this seller.

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  • Si
    sitemile Jun 03, 2016

    im only posting here as i dont recognize your username as a custom of ours. We have forum support, email support and call support. I cant imagine you were treated not well. Please email to us again specifying your customer name. As this site is free and there is no way of seeing if this is even a real customer or someone messing our online reputation so after they can email us with offer to remove the comment, please dont believe all that you read.

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sitemile.comThey didn't provide package with promised services

I paid $200 to the company for the package of services. It was the worst experience, ‘coz their package didn’t contain promised services. When I reached the online chat agents, the rep told me that I needed to pay more if I wanted to get more services. It was total rip off, so stay away from them and post comments about your experience with them. I wonder if there are people, who have the same problems and what have you done in such situation, please post comments. — All they can do is give promises

I ordered some stuff from the website I paid about $400, and after several days my gadget stopped to work and I contacted the seller and told him to solve the...