Bradlows Morkelshisense 516 ltr sbs fridge h670sg

There is a Hisense 516Ltr SBS Fridge H670SG that were advertised for R6999.95 and was valid until 14 January 2017. There is no indication that it is only limited stock. I paid for one on the 29th of December 2016 after the manager and the sales lady checked for stock availability. I was told that there are 4 available. This was at the Potchefstroom branch. The fridge was supposed to delivered the Saturday, after I told the manager I will fetch it myself he said that he has arranged that it will be delivered at my house straight from the factory, no extra charge. Saturday morning I received a phone call that there was no fridge available (after I was told there are 4 available) but not to worry they are looking for one for me, and will keep me updated. After a week I went to the store to find out what is happening. Story after story. Eventually I went back to the store again cause the manager is not getting back to me and I was told sorry no fridges are available anymore, but I can have a Samsung fridge instead. I said I will come and have a look. The Manager told me that I have to come and look at it on Friday the 13th, but I told him I will only be able to get there on Saturday. I went to the store and looked at the Sansuief ridge, which are selling for something like R8000. At first I said I will take it because I need a fridge, but then I decided that this is a complete rip off. I bought a fridge that was advertised for R6999.95 which normally sells for R14000.00. Now I must be happy with an R8000.00. I want the same deal on another Hisense Fridge selling at R14000.00 if the one I paid for already is not available. I then at least get what I was offered. The Manager is also not doing his job or keeping his promises. I had to go to the store eveytime to find out what is going on, and everytime he has a different story. He is arrogant and not making any effort at assisting me unless confronted.

Please get back to me a.s.a.p.

Jan 23, 2017

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