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I am hereby lodging a formal complaint regarding this issue. I reported to your store that the screws of the dressing table are coming off the doors and mirrors. The headboard has also came off the the pedestals. Now I am being told to pay for the repairs of this. That bedroom suit has been there since it was delivered by your own people. It was never moved to anywhere. I therefore fail to understand that it is of my own negligence.

Your treatment is definitely unfair and unacceptable to me. I am paying a lt of money in installments, but now I am expected to pay for the damages that I am not responsible of. I doubt very much if this is a correct way of dealing with your loyal clientele. I am not prepared to pay for this quote as I am not responsible for these damages. This furniture has been with you for the last 2 months already and I kept quite with the hope that you are attending to this matter. Please return it and I will rather find other ways of dealing with this matter.

May 10, 2017

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