Brach'sbrachs maple nut goodies/20oz. bag

went to Cracker Barrel for lunch today 11-29-2018 before leaving I purchased 2 20oz. bags of maple nut goodies one for myself(these are my favorite candy) and one bag for our son as part of his Christmas gift. After arriving home I decided to have a few pieces of my candy, it was so hard it could break my teeth. I was so disappointed, have to throw candy away(5.99). This was the second time this year that I bought this kind of candy and it was as hard as a rock. I bought this bag of candy from Menards. What is going on with your candy co.? Very disappointed, will not buy this candy again.Would like a refund, please. Thank you Margie 2260 Hartle Ave. Apt.218 Owatonna, Mn. 55060

Nov 29, 2018

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