Bovada Casinobitcoin payout

I have a warning for anyone using "Bitcoin" on Bovada...

I won $9500 and requested a Bitcoin payout. I am new to Bitcoin and so only used "Coinbase" to do my transactions on Bovada to purchase chips to play in the casino. I obtained a "wallet address" from Coinbase thinking that they would send the funds into this wallet, and I gave that address to Bovada.

Bovada sent the funds (without officially notifying me) to that wallet address and sent a link to prove it later. Problem is, that wallet address in on "Blockchain" not "Coinbase", and doesn't apparently belong to me since I wasn't a member of "Blockchain". Now, how I obtained a wallet address from Coinbase that eventually ends up on Blockchain I don't understand...but now, I cannot access the funds as it apparently isn't my "wallet".

So I have $9500 (actually WAY more as Bitcoin has been rising) sitting in a wallet on Blockchain that I can't access. I've naturally asked for assistance from Coinbase, Bovada and Blockchain and they all stonewall me by admonishing "not to use wallet addresses that are not verified".

So Bovada 1) doesn't warn you that Coinbase doesn't like gambling winnings and that Bovada won't transfer winnings into a Coinbase wallet 2) Somehow you can obtain a "personal wallet" address from Coinbase and it can actually go into Blockchain instead! 3) end result is you don't get paid, in my case THOUSANDS of winnings

If anyone has some advice on how to get my money I'd sure appreciate it...this all sounds LIKE A SCAM ON BOVADA'S PART.

May 13, 2017

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