Bottom Line Books / received brain-boosting secrets book not book I ordered


Yesterday I received the Brain-Boosting Secrets book in the mail. I would never have ordered this book. Actually, I thought I ordered the book with the eggs and bacon on the front cover, but now I see that is in Spanish and I don't want it. If that book is in English, I would like it instead of the Brain-Boosting Book. If it is not in English, please send me the 2018 Breakthrough Book. I should not be charged for both books.

I have not received my bill yet, so I can't tell you any account number or anything. I hope we can clear this up quickly.

Thank you.

Mafelda Jackie Londa
307 Yorkchester Drive
Houston, TX 77079

Please respond and send correct book asap.
Daughter's cell is [protected]

Nov 15, 2017

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