Boston Pizza Internationalservice timing

Hi there last Friday night me and my husband decided to go for dinner at Boston pizza in Mississauga we got there around 8:30 PM so we sat on the patio took about 10 minutes for the server to come up to us to order drinks she asked if we wanted food so she gave us one menu and said I will be back with one more never came back with another menuSo we looked over the menu we had decided what we wanted another table of about 6 people came out side down she went up to them Took their order before ours finally about half an hour into us getting there she took our order so we ordered our starter in our entrées at once because we didn't wanna wait any longer food came out they brought our starter and our entrées all at once so I looked at the girl and said can you take our entrées back this is our starter she looked at me stunned and took them back when we were almost done our starter they brought out the food my husband Ordered a pasta and asked for chicken to be added so once we started to dig into her meals he looked around and there was no chicken inside so I had to go and find the server and let her know there's no chicken and she said oh there should be I said yes there should be but there's not can you please take it back and get us another one so she took it back and came to us and apologized and said they're just gonna make you a new one this is now about 10 o'clock I finished my dinner my husband still waiting on his I had to go up to her and said you know what can you just put in a to go container As this is taking way too . It was 1030 before we got in the car to go home and my husband has not eaten dinner yet and had to eat it at home this dinner cost us $100 and was so not worth it I will never return to this Boston pizza again I watch the manager come out as the server was struggling and not once did he step in to help her we watch people come out side to the patio and turn around and go back inside because none of the tables were cleared we were there for two hours husband did not get to eat his dinner and no tables have been cleared while we were there Also watched the other Table send about three of their dinners back she also said she was going to take it off the bill which she did not at 10:30 I just wanted to get out of there and decided not to make a complaint to the manager as I really didn't think I was going to get anywhere for me watching this this is a bad business you will not get return customers this way I would never go back to that Boston pizza spending $100 on dinner and drinks I would expect a lot more!
And just one more note when we were sitting on the patio the chairs were the most uncomfortable thing I've ever sat on in my life so the whole atmosphere made it a very bad experience
I would like a response [protected]-Tania

Jul 26, 2018

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