Boston Pizza International / overcharged

Devon, AB, Canada

We visited the Boston Pizza in Devon Alberta recently for wing night.
I ordered 1 order of wings and pizza bread with meat sauce. My girlfriend ordered Bandera pizza bread and a 6 ounce glass of wine which is 4 dollars before 6pm.

The waitress took the order and made mention that since we ordered 2 appetizers we could get any additional one for free except for wings because it was wing night. So I chose the dry ribs.

Everything came out ok and tasted good.

When the bill came we were charged for the dry ribs and they took the lesser charge of the wings off instead! I wouldn't of ordered the higher priced ribs if I would be charged for them anyways. Plus charged us 9 dollars for the wine which was supposed to be 4 dollars. We brought it to the waitress's attention. She said it was the way the computer is programmed. ??? They ended up reducing the wine and gave me the cheaper pizza bread as the free appetizer. Still was charge for the higher priced ribs!

We would like to continue eating at Boston Pizza but are now are a little nervous ordering some free appetizer only to be charged for it in the end.


Cheyanne H.

Boston Pizza International

Apr 12, 2017

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