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The customer service from borderlinx is really sucks. They never do whatever they promised.

I have a package with non-alcohol perfume inside (which is found out by their specialist), and since one month ago they started to persuade me to wait and do not return the package. Hence I waited and waited and waited and now the deadline of refunding stated in the merchant's website has lapse. I was so angry and asked Borderlinx to return it, and they still wanna charge me admin fee and does not want to be liable if I cannot get the refund.

They always tell me that I will get the update within 24 hours, but in the end no news will come to me. The deadline set by both of me or themselves are useless. They never keep their promise.

I also encountered one case in their concierge service. They forgot to order one item in my list, which will be free recognized by the merchant's system if they did order that.
I contacted them for many times and ask for a reply. But every time they gave me different kinds of funny excuse and does not want to pay for their mistake.

Their customer service will always try to cover the things up and man..

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  • Dr
      Jan 14, 2010

    PLEASE stay away from Borderlinx. They charges are sky-high but the service is horrible. They ship me my item on the Jan 07, but the tracking # on their website was not valid. Besides, they ship my valuable item by POST and after 7 days and numerous attempt to get any info or push them to provide me with the tracking # or confirm that my item was shipped I still have no info. Their people are stupid and lazy. They gave my runarounds and I just wasted my time. HORRIBLE COMPANY.

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  • Us
      Apr 09, 2010

    While the shipping charges are reasonable, they have terrible service. Same goes to customer service.
    2nd time using it and i faced problems with them already.

    here is the log.
    Tues 30th Mar 2010 -> paid for express shipping for a box of 30 tees.
    Tues 30th Mar 2010 -> Tracking number received. Shipping information received by DHL.
    Fri 2nd Apr 2010 -> Tracked the shipment and there's no progress. Emailed to inquire.
    Fri 2nd Apr 2010 -> Replied "escalated the issue to the concern department so that they can check and update us the reason for the delay of the shipment"
    Tues 6th Apr 2010 -> No response from them. Emailed again. Expected some form of compensation.
    Wed 7th Apr 2010 -> Replied. "My apologies, we are still awaiting a response from the concern Hub team on your shipment. Please be assured we are chasing it up and will revert once we hear from them. Also I will see if we can reimburse you the balance difference of express and standard shipping"
    Wed 7th Apr 2010 -> Emailed them about how unsatisfied i am with their answer and sincerity to reimburse.
    Thurs 8th Apr 2010 ->Replied same ### as if it is 1 of their templates. "Unfortunately we are still awaiting a response from the relevant department. However I am in touch with higher management and and have the shipment relased for shipping asap. I will revert as soon as there is a positive developement. My sincere apologies for this unfortunate delays and the troubles it caused. Thank you."

    to be continued...
    I am writing this early to warn people who is planning to use their services.
    this shipment is supposed to be URGENT which is why i used EXPRESS shipping.
    this is WORST than using the STANDARD shipping.
    and i bet 90% are the chances that they lost my parcel and i swear this is the last time i am going to use borderlinx.

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  • Us
      Apr 14, 2010

    AND YOU EXPECT ME TO PAY EXPRESS, wait no...STANDARD shipping??!

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  • Tr
      Apr 29, 2010

    Would like to add another horror story on the service at borderlinx. In Dec, they blocked one of my items, saying that it contains adult material - it's a Blu-Ray of the movie "Funny People", the comedy starring Adam Sandler... fine... I admit the movie is rated R (Borderlinx will decide what is suitable for u, and apparently, this movie is like pornography...).

    3 months later, this item is still listed in my account, but it is blocked... I can't do anything with it. When I shipped another package of items (containing Toy Story 1 & 2 - luckily they did not decide to block these movies also), they accidentally included this blocked item in the list of items to be shipped. But of course, the Funny People blu-ray is nowhere to be found (hmmm... did the person who blocked the item has taken the movie home for their own enjoyment??). Because of this "missing item", the whole shipment is now in limbo for almost a month, while they "investigate".

    I have been writing to them every week chasing for an update, and requesting them to just ship the package to me...
    all I get are standard replies thanking me for my email and saying they will revert within 24 hours (familiar??), but after that nothing...

    BTW... if one of your items is blocked, u're basically screwed, ... u have to ask them to "dispose" of it...if u want them to return to the seller, they will charge u an exorbitant fee - which will not be enough to cover the refund u may get from the seller...

    Once, they tried to block another movie "Law Abiding Citizen". I got fed-up and protested, quoting MPAA ratings, IMDB comments and Singapore's Media rating... Only after a few emails, did they decide to ship the movie to me.

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  • Sw
      Jun 29, 2010

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  • Al
      Aug 20, 2010

    wow, good that i came across these posts before signing up with them! i was debating between bongo and borderlinx. does anyone know the rates of bongo by the way? or about their customer service? i wanna buy thing in usa but me in europe (spain). Here's my email:


    thank you!

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  • Ra
      Sep 20, 2010

    I am also having problems with Borderlinx. I was shocked at the high cost of shipping to Canada but marked it as a lesson learned. I paid for the shipping of my parcel and received someone elses parcel two weeks ago. I notified Borderlinx right away that I received the wrong parcel. They still have not given me instructions on what to do with the parcel I have received and they have not found my items. It has almost been one week since I heard back from them. Communication and service is horrible. I just want to receive the items I have paid for and then I am done with this company. Do not sign up with Borderlinx!

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  • De
      Sep 20, 2011

    I work with a vendor site for restaurant equipment. We received an order from them for a very expensive item. However the card they gave us came back declined, they had no physical address to send it to and when I tried to call them to resolve these issues, it lead to a Magic Jack number that was disconnected. I have worked with many forwarding companies before, but I am not sure how this one makes any money at all. Just wanted to let you guys know that nearly a year later there is nothing different about this company and its the same treatment for the sellers too. Pick someone else guys.

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  • Sh
      Sep 25, 2011

    Agree. Experience with Borderlinx customer service was rude, unpleasant and slow. Wonder how they stay in business.

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  • Ic
      Aug 20, 2017

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