Borderlinxinternational shipping

M Oct 27, 2017

Borderlinx - Poor service. After 16 days of them being in possession of my package order 4147595I a still being told my shipment date is unknown because they moved locations. They charge a lot and that is not reflective of efficient service. I follow up everyday and all I am told is "sorry I don't know when your package will be shipped." They have your product, take your money for shipping and don't fulfill their end. This does not sounds like a fair trade service but more like a scam raking people good and money and not delivering on their end of the deal. Tired of the run around from their customer service reps. I just want my stuff and so worried I will never get it or by the time they go to ship it its either lost in the mix or damaged. Its so frustrating having to email them everyday for the last 16 days and get the same answer that they have no clue when my item will be shipped, I feel like I'm being scammed. Please beware of Borderlinx, I do not recommend them. If you are looking for an honest, transparent, helpful and efficient service please consider going elsewhere.

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