Borderlinxexcessive charges, no repack and hidden vat.

My advice is: Stay away from Borderlinx.

They provide you with a cost calculator, which makes their pricing look good. But, after you get your orders delivered to them, and when you are about to ship them to your address, additional VAT is charged (20% german VAT in my case - they never inform you that estimated costs are VAT EXCLUSIVE), so your shipping cost will be AT LEAST 20% higher than expected when you use their calculator.

They also publicize their repack service to save you volumetric shipping costs - this is a total scam. Not repack whatsoever was made.

I used Borderlinx to ship 9 items by DHL express service, 3 of those items were wrongfully measured, which led to overcharged volumetric weigth, and 3 other items could have been repacked in order to save over 50% of the volumetric weight charged, but they did not repack them, dispite what they advertise on the site.

They refunded about 10€, when the excess VAT (you are not informed about it) plus the excess volumetric weight (wrong measurements and items not repacked) amounted about 80€!!! And Paypal is supporting the scam, they will side with Borderlinx, as you will have a hard time proving this overcharge and illegal pricing VAT exclusive - private persons MUST be informed about final prices including all taxes.

Once you get your orders delivered to them, they will hold your items "hostage", and the prices get a lot higher than you expected in the first place. Excessive charges, no repack and hidden VAT.

Stay well away from Borderlinx, or learn at your own cost!

Sep 20, 2017

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