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These are the facts. Ordered 8 pieces of clothing items (light wear) worth 90 pounds. Items delivered to Borderlinx and they said the weight was 8kg and including some crazy import tax calculation, wanted to charge me 210 pounds for shipping from UK to Thailand. I asked them to send the item back to the shop as the shop provides free returns. There's even a free returns label provided. Just to return, Borderlinx would charge 20 pounds for 'admin fee'. To send my items to another UK address (which would have been free had I sent it from shop to the UK address), it would cost 35 pounds. So basically, the company presents itself very well at the start, but they charge some exorbitant shipping fee. If you don't want to ship, they charge you exorbitantly for returning to shop or to send within UK. You are left with little choice. I paid 35 pounds to send the clothes to my friend's address. It took them 7 days to send the items, with numerous reminders from me. The weight stated on the DHL package when it arrived at my friend's house was 0.5kg! How did 0.5kg become 8kg? So just be careful, nothing is transparent and they have you hostage once your items are in their hands. It's actually quite a perfect scam. If you don't pay up, they have your items for free to be auctioned off. If you don't ship overseas, they still get a huge profit from sending your item from UK to UK. If you choose to ship overseas, you're paying a crazy amount of money to do so. My advice: Avoid them like the plague!

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  • Vp
      Jun 04, 2012

    Borderlinx invoiced me for 6kg, where my package as confirmed by Amazon weigh not more then 1kg. They hold up my package for 6 days now, never respond to any of my emails, only auto-reply, never update their invoice so I could pay & get my stuff ship. This is so scary. 

    I paid for 1 day priority shipping with Amazon cause I wanted those merchandise urgently, is it meant to be birthday gifts. First they missed updating an item on the system, which hold up 3 days for them to finally find that item, then they miscalculate the weight of my package. I'm lost, seriously what can I do now if they refused to response or do anything? I called up Citibank, spoken to someone & told them about this, she offered to send them an email, hopefully I hear from them soon.

    I learned about Borderlinx from Citibank SMS & I'm so happy thought I've found an alternative to Vpost. This is another nightmare. All these shopping online is mental tortured.

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  • Sg
      Oct 27, 2012

    Stay away from Borderlinx. I had the same experience being overcharged by them when Amazon priority international (2-4 days) is half their shipping costs. The customer service is non-existent and they over-charge. I am done with them.

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  • Za
      Feb 11, 2013

    That's an eye opener - I called DHL for some shipping from US, as the seller was shipping to N.America only... Long story short DHL recommended Borderlinx, now after reading all the great things about them ( which to me sound true) I wouldn't touch them with a totem pole...

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  • De
      Sep 20, 2014

    Do not buy from borderlinx! They are the worst company ever who under quotes on shipment values and way over quotes on postage so when you receive a broken item they can't refund nearly enough money! An absolute joke of a company!

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  • Ul
      Nov 27, 2015

    Anyone using Borderlinx should be warned that you are likely going to face one of these "problems" with their service: Overpriced shipping due to inflated weight or inflated Taxes.
    I was buying a $10 Customized charger (0, 6kg) and Borderlinx wants to charge me $27 for shipping + $17 over "Taxes" rising the shipping price to $44.
    While the shipping price seems right if include a % of their profits, the Taxes makes no sense. I went to the local post to confirm these taxes and they told me they should be collecting only $7, not $17.

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  • Mo
      Dec 31, 2015

    I used their service this couple of days ago to ship 11 books from Amazon & from a friend & discovered the cheating when I wanted to release the shipments as the following:
    1- They've Automatically estimated my books with more than 50 times of their real value which already were delivered to them with Amazon Invoices and when I asked them to fix the values because it'll cost me much more money with the duties, they've asked for the invoices although they already had them, I've sent them & they've fixed it on the account panel, so I thought everything was okay till I've received the books and found that they've attached their wrong estimation invoices to the books & I had to pay to the duties more than %30 of the total payment I've already paid to them because the duties have estimated the value of books depending on the wrong invoices with $187 although their real value were about $11.

    2- They say no hidden fees & calculate your shipping cost but when it came to pay I found that I'd have to pay %20 more than the actual price which includes what they've called "Fuel surcharge".

    3- They have two options of payment called standard, but one says I might pay about $20 more (don't remember how much more) so I don't pay duties while the other says I might have to pay for duties, so I've asked through live support what's the real difference & after stalling from them, they've said I can pay the duties to the DHL courier at home with the payment option two, Since I know that my books don't cost much, so i decided to pay the duties at home because I thought they would be much cheaper, BUT when I received the books I found a DHL bill asking me to pay another $35 for duties, So while they could release me from duties if I paid $20, they've punished me with $35 because I refused to pay them when they live support insisted & stalled a lot so I pay them.

    4- They say they offer discounts, but actually when you apply the discount, you really take almost the real value, since they say they're much cheaper than SNS Aramex, I've already paid $10 more than aramex for the same weight, so when they say the shipoing cost is $105 and we'll make a discount for you, they're really cheating & Aramex cost would be $74.

    5- They sent me the books on three separate shipments, two of them were in plastic bag & one of those bags was torn & a book with heavily damaged with a liquid (might be water although the pages turned to red).

    6- I've sent them a claim on 26 December, although they say "We aim to respond to all enquires within 24 hours." they've responded after 48 hours with a disrespectful reply to their client's complaint saying: "Welcome to Borderlinx. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused. If we could be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Best Regards, Soumaya". instead of offering investigation & a refund.

    TOO BAD...
    DON'T use their service.
    You'll pay much.
    Your shipments will be damaged.
    You'll not have ANY one to complain to.
    You'll not have a refund...

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  • Am
      Apr 20, 2016

    I created an account on this site for the sole purpose of writing a review about these thieves! They are by far the worse freight forwarded EVER created! Their staff is incompetent and they steal you left and right with illogical methods of calculating your order to maximize their revenue with the worse justifications ever! You get a box which is 13cm x 13 cm x 5cm, which weight nothing, they tell you based on the volumetric weight, this is 2 KILOS! You try to buy that, but then they continue, i bought on top of that 3 peaces of fabric which are 10 x 10 x 1, they calculated each one of those fabrics as half kilo each, and instead of then consolidating the items and taking the overall columetric weight, which would still be 2 KILOS, they would sum up 2+0.5+0.5+0.5 generating a new 3.5 Kilos shipment, though these peaces of fabric sit on top of the 1st box not taking ANY volumetric space, nor actual weight! For a small box of LEDs which cost me 10 bucks, and 6 fabrics which cost me around 15 total, they are asking for a wooping 70 USD. Go figure!!! STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

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  • Sg
      May 15, 2016

    Recently, my friend said Borderlink is cheaper when shipping from USA to Singapore.I thought I would give it a try.

    I bought 5 light items (HDD, small video card, car decals, 2 dog toy bones) and sent them to Borderlink USA. Once at Borderlink warehouse, I was surprised to find the shipping cost to Singapore was much more expensive (40%) than Amazon or VPost. I had no choice but to pay whatever to get my items.

    When I received the items, I found the suppliers' brochures, packings except bubble wraps, instruction manuals, leaflets, etc... everything thrown out and repacked into one empty box - as if they are getting rid of all evidence of Amazon/suppliers information.

    I will NOT be using borderlink again whenever possible.

    Engineer/Singapore Mar2016

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  • Ha
      Apr 25, 2017

    thats the reason the most trustworthy freight forwarder company is viabox with excellent customer care.

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  • Ga
      May 31, 2017

    Just opt for Viabox. Their prices, speed, and available services will amaze you. Plus they offer free membership to all their clients and no extra charges except shipping fees.

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  • Ic
      Aug 20, 2017

    kenapa tida mencoba menggunakan Viabox? saya rasa Viabox lebih baik. saya suka menggunakan Viabox. selain harganya lebih murah, pelayanannya juga cepat, CS akan merespon dalam waktu 1-12 jam. selain itu saya bisa minta dikirimkan gambar paket tanpa dikenakan biaya sedikitpun. dan yang terpenting tidak ada biaya pendaftaran, tidak ada biaya pemrosesan dan tidak ada biiaya lainnya yang tersembunyi.

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  • Bu
      Oct 31, 2017

    100% agree about Borderlinx, they not very open with their true pricing. BuyShipUSA is MUCH better!!

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  • Su
      Jan 13, 2018

    Published 3 seconds ago
    My items are missing which is shipped …
    My items are missing which is shipped from ebay also i have one more shipment still date i cannot find my shipment and poor customer service i am going to file a case against this company they are real scam

    Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series WS-C6509 Switch Loaded
    Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series WS-C6509 Switch Loaded
    ( [protected] )
    Estimated delivery Tue, Nov 28
    Tracking number: Tracking number629645688

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  • Os
      Jan 14, 2018

    #borderlinx Very bad experience, I shipped my item 5 weeks ago and paid all the fees in full and they never released it. After 4 weeks they came back saying that the item was lost and they are checking internally about what to do.
    What's even more frustrating is that they started added extra storage fees for an item that they should have shipped 5 weeks ago.
    Their support staff keep giving promises but do nothing.
    #Borderlinx_very_bad_experince and will never deal with them again!

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  • Su
      Jan 14, 2018

    @oshussein if you are interested we will file joint complaint by monday

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  • Kr
      Jan 16, 2018

    At least the op did get charged. They "lost" my package. Judging by other fresh reviews #borderlinx nowadays just steals the incoming packages and does not even try to make it look like they are going to ship it to the owner. It's been two weeks since my parcel arrived at their facility. Their Arabinglish-speaking support assistants act as if the situation was normal. They just repeat the same questions over and over again in different forms to buy time (first they wanted a tracking number from Amazon and actually claimed they did receive the item, now they've asked for the invoice pdf file - so it's "lost" at their facility, pretty much like many other items mentioned by other reviewers below).
    On the third round of livechat they did finally create a ticket (#[protected], if their representative ever appears here) with a promise to contact me via email, but naturally, I never heard back from them.

    Based on other reviews I don't really expect to receive my package but there's at least some consolation in leaving a honest review in a few different places around the Internet.

    Avoid them. Borderlinx is a scam. They are absolutely non-transparent and you will have no ways to influence the situation. There are other safer services out there. With Borderlinx, you pay double — for what will end up as a gift to their staff - perhaps with a few rare exceptions (not counting the fake-sounding half-line positive reviews here).

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  • Su
      Jan 16, 2018

    . if you can post your complaints against them it will be well and good and i feel the action will be taken by govt

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  • Mi
      May 10, 2018

    I am waiting for delivery my parcel (order number 4449332) from 05 april!! more than one month from germany to poland (neighboring countries in the european union)!!! I want to get my money back. I don't want still waiting.
    Please give me back: 99 euro for product + 19.54 euro for shipping fees = 118, 54 euro

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  • Ir
      Sep 28, 2018

    My experience with borderlinx is just a nightmare. they lost (or perhaps accurately, stole) my two parcels that were meant to be gifts to my friend, the whole thing just made me upset. I use another service called transbang ( now. it is curious how could two companies providing same service can be so different. transbang staff are careful and accommodating, and they never lose my parcel. dump borderlinx people!!!

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