Booths Supermarket - IlkleyOdySea Kalamata Olive Meze

I contacted the Ilkley branch to complain that the above item I purchased was out of date. The reply came that all of the rest of this particular item said 2018 and not 27/07/2016 which is the one I had. The man handling the call didnt apologise and I had to prompt him to do that.

I asked him to get the store manager to ring me back, which didnt happen. So I then contacted their supposed national customer complaint and emailed someone called Michelle.

She replied that the date was 27/07/2018, even though I can clearly see the date and I sent this - Michelle high definition pictures with me Canon professional camera.

Me and my partner have used the Knutsford branch and in recent years the Ilkley branch - but never again. I hope like all other arrogance retailers they go bust. At least I will be satisfied for being treated with disrespectul. Maybe they are just bigots.

  • Updated by Tony 2017 · Apr 28, 2017

    If you look at the text on the jar - it is clearly a squashed 6 but the stupid woman at Booth's just ignores the fact

Apr 28, 2017

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