My wife popped into Booths in Garstang today (24/08/18) to get some Rump steak for my tea. On approaching the Butchers dep, she saw a very large piece of Rump she liked the look of. The Butcher came over to her and asked her what she wanted.
She said " Could i have a piece of the large steak on display)...the Butcher replied "I can cut you half of it" my wife said " Half is a bit small, could you cut me a bit bigger piece than half"...he replied " No, you cant have more than half as i need a piece i can sell"
It wasnt a problem because she went to Morrisons who give the customer exactley how much they want. Not only Did the Booths Butcher loose a sale for the firm, i tried to stop he firstly from spending more money. What in idiot, especially as they sell home made rump burgers, where any cut of rump could be used.

Aug 24, 2018

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