Boost Mobile / zte warp 7

I had just gotten this phone March 14, and one week and two days later I went to just exchange it for a new phone, because the sound is horrible when music is loud with facebook live, snapchat or instagram. I didn't know about the 7 day period, which is a horrible hing because people need to actually test the phone. The sound with loud music sounds like horrible white noise, and if it's not loud enough I can't hear it at all. I'm 20 percent hearing in one ear and 4 percent the other, I'm legally deaf with a hearing aid and this is a horrible phone. I can't hear, a clerk asked if I tested out the calling, which of course I'm deaf, I couldn't. It's a terrible phone for disabled people. I just wanted in store credit and to pitch in more cash to get a different phone besides the ZTE. Now I'm stuck with this phone because I can't afford a new one even though I just got this a week ago and it's a poor design because it's very apparent how bad the sound is. I was genuinely crying in the store because of how I'm just done with this. I don't want to pay $20 through insurance for the exact same ### phone. Highly considering just switching to a new carrier. I'm not paying 200 for a ### low quality phone. (100 for this one and 100 for another one). The one I had previously (an older version) worked better then this, it was just old and constantly just shutting off, I thought I was buying an upgrade and got stuck with a heartbreak of being to deaf function and to use a ### phone.
I literally just only want a phone that sounds fine and I can use to function independently.

Mar 23, 2017

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