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Purchased a phone in august of 2017 from the boost store, also signed up for the pay as you go $50 unlimited plan. I was assured there was no contracts and no commitments. So february 12th went to tmobil to switch plan. I called boost a d got my account number (after a battle). Tmobile ported my number and set up my account. When they tried to install the new sim card they received a. Error that the phone was locked. I called boost to have them unlock the phone (battle #2). I was put on hold and then had a bunch of numbers called out and call hung up, I assumed they unlocked the phone. Tmobile again tries the sim, a d same msg. I called boost again and was assured my phone was not locked. Again tmobile tries the sim and it did not work. After being at tmobile for over 3 hours we decided that it may take a few hours for the unlock to happen. February 13th, tries phone and still locked.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Irvine, CA Went to tmobile again tries phone did not work, associate called apple to see if maybe a phone issue? Apple suggested backing up phone
But did not work, called boost again and was told hold not help me, rep at tmobile told he could not do anything else until phone was unlocked. Went home and called boost again, was told and I quote, your phone is not locked. Still cluld not get the phone to accept the tmobile sim card so once again I called boost, after having a 5 minute conversation. I was put on hold and passed off to another boost rep, when I was then told the phone was locked, a x I would have to have an account with boost for 12 months before they would unlock my phone. I asked how they could do this and was told read the policy on the website! So there is no commitment, there is no contract, I own the phone, but I need to read the website to see policy? Wrong!!
1. Why wasn't I told about the 12 month issue the first time I called (or the 2nd or 3rd)?
2. Paid for phone, no contract, no commitment how can they lock my phone?
3. I was paid up till 2/16/18 a d they cut me off monday so they owe me a refund!
4. I have been without a phone since monday due to this issue when though I have been paying for service through tmobile, so boost should refund this also.
The bottom line is I want my phone u locked and boost has no right to hold. Me hostage!!!

Feb 16, 2018
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  • Mi
      Oct 03, 2018

    Do you have the site to summit a complaint by chance?

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  • 9w
      Oct 03, 2018

    @michel montalvo
    and ( might be .com)

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  • Ph
      Jul 21, 2019

    I've been a Boost Mobile customer for over 9 years. I'm traveling out of the country & called them to unlock an old device I still have. 1st rep said they would ask & see if an exception could be made & said they would email me. Just b4 the trip I realized they had not emailed so I called in only to be told it had been denied because that old device had not been activated for 12 months. The whole time they kept apologizing & said I could use a text app on wifi or buy a phone where I'm going. They apologized so much I got sick of hearing how sorry they were, very disingenuous! I'm leaving Boost over their continued control over a phone I've owned for several years. There ought to be a law that regulates this. Could GM not allow my car to run in Europe if I shipped it over there? That's essentially what Boost is doing to a long time customer.

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