Booking.comunauthorised payment charged

I am very concerned and disheartened with the Booking I had to go through with you guys for this hotel Wahet Al Deafeh (Booking number: [protected]). I have complained many times and called your office many times but no one resolved my issue.
As I did the booking, I went to the hotel and asked about my confirmation with my confirmation email so that i can start my 3 night stay. But instead they declined when i arrived at the hotel and said they don't have my booking that i had done with even though i showed them my booking in print. Nothing showed up on their computer as my name was not coming up in the confirmation and hence they did not let me in and I had to book another hotel via . But you can see below My booking was genuine with this Hotel.

I then booked Swissotel (Booking num - [protected])which went through and I did the same to this hotel with the confirmation and they did honor it which you can see as I have attached to this email.
Please do the needful and refund my funds of SR810 as It was not my fault but the hotel who did not let me stay and had do double book another hotel for the same.

Thanks and regards

May 07, 2017

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