Booking.comhotel was overbooked on arrival at 11pm when should have been made available at 2pm that day!

Booking No. [protected]
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I booked the hotel Club Paradisio for 3 persons from 29th April - 3rd May inclusive. When my daughter arrived at 11pm on 29th April she was greeted with no room available! Please bear in mind this should have been available from 2pm on that said day. My daughter had to wait 45 minutes for a room to be made available. This was room 1045. My daughter thinks this may have been staff quarters! The room had a small patio area out the back but surrounded by a high wall. The room next door (1046) was unable to lock as there was a couple of unhappy customers there also!!
However she was told that a room that was booked would be available the next day when myself and my other daughter arrived (10.30 am). When we went to reception we were greeted with fully booked!! We explained the saga of the night before but nobody seemed bothered and said to come back later!! We came back later 2 other times only to be greeted with no room available. I stressed that I booked this sometime previously and if the hotel was fully booked they should not have taken my booking, or indeed other bookings after I had booked.
I booked a deluxe triple room for 3 persons.
At about 5pm on Sunday 30th April a room was made available to us that was designed for 2 persons (Room 3132). A put you up bed was placed along side the other 2 beds. We explained that this was not acceptable but we had to take it as obviously "there was no room at the inn". There was only a table for 2 on the balcony outside.
I am utterly dumbfounded with Booking.Com. Since I have been home I have e-mailed and also telephoned. I was told to send an e-mail outlining the problems together with room numbers and receipts etc. I have done this and although e-mailing to ask that they respond, have received no response. I attached receipts.
I also explained that I was charged 250 dirhams each for dinner for 2 persons (500 dirhams) on the night of 2 May and explained to the hotel that this was incorrect and it should have been 14 euros each as on my booking form that I received from but again no response. I had to pay on my credit card because I did not have enough dirhams and stated that I would seek legal advice when I get home.

I therefore will report this incident to Watchdog, also Consumer Rights and also the Ombudsman if Booking.Com do not take action and rightly give me the recognised compensation.

I booked and paid for a deluxe triple room for 3 and this was not received and you are therefore in Breach of Contract. Also I spent my first day on holiday trying to sort out a room that I booked through yourselves sometime previously. You or the hotel should not be taking bookings that you have no room for!
I therefore will take this matter further if I do not hear back from you in 48 hours. I have already been waiting a week for to respond to no avail.

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