Booking.comfull charges for cancelling the booking

I have always booked accommodations via where there is free cancellation available. I book more than one accommodation for the same dates and closer to the time cancel all but one within the Free Cancellation period.

My online profile is the proof for that.

I had booked a room at Apartment Caprice which informed me was no longer available after 1 week as informed by Apartment Caprice for the dates I was looking : 30th Aug - 2nd Sep 2016. and not Apartment Caprice suggested an alternative accommodation directly and I confirmed back to them that I was ok with the alternative.

Apartment Caprice also confirmed the booking via the message box that the change to the room is confirmed

With this change in room at the same hotel, I expected to see the accommodation appearing on my profile which it never did. failed to tell me that the booking was going to be direct with the Apartment Caprice going forward and not via website.

Apartment Caprice also failed to mention this in their message which they sent via message box

After coming back from my holidays, on 15th Sep, I discover I have charged the full amount of 3 days stay by Apartment Caprice which is CHF:600.

As I have mentioned above, 4 main reasons why I should be refunded all my hard earned money:

1) The alternative accommodation was suggested by and not by Apartment Caprice directly via email. was dealing with the booking on the Apartment’s behalf so any customer would think that all the transactions will be through

2) did not specify in the emails sent on 7th July and 13th July to me that the booking with Apartment Caprice is going to be direct reservation going forward and not managed through my profile

3) Apartment Caprice confirmed the booking through message box and not a direct email was sent, which again confirms to me that the booking will be managed by

4) Apartment Caprice never sent me another email regarding my no-show and that they are going ahead and deducting the full amount – they failed to inform me this and this is unprofessional.

I raised this issue with and after more than 4 months of many emails back and forth they still won’t accept its their mistake and want me to drop the case.

For the mental torture, I probably should sue both and Apartment Caprice

Since lack of proper communication from and Apartment Caprice has lead to the issue. The issue with the rental money should be resolved among them and Apartment Caprice should refund the amount CHF.600 deducted from my account on 15th Sep as soon as possible

Jan 18, 2017

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