Booking.comexcessive telephone calls - full refund request -

I am writing to you to raise an issue

The issue that I have experienced was: I provide holiday accommodation for Sykes Holiday Company. I received a booking from via Sykes Holidays. The contact information was incorrect. No working Mobile or email and I needed to give the holiday guest information about key collection etc. Sykes Holidays could not assist because they were given the information by I telephoned. It cost me £8.97 for the privilege. I was totally unaware I was calling a premium number. The telephone number on my mobile phone number was not the number I associate with Bookings .com. Virgin Media Phishing department located the culprit. We have taken a booking for Ref:924642 Viking Cottage from 16/11/2018 for 3 nights, leaving on 19/11/2018 with the gross rental price of £429.00. It should be noted that this price does not include any owner discounts and only represents the current price at the time of booking. So in a nutshell, inadequate and uselss booking information was forwarded to me via Sykes Holiday Group to me as the accommodation provider and I called to establish how to contact the end user. You CHARGED ME £8.97 and still did not provide me with any information.

I WANT A FULL REFUND FOR THE CALL I MADE TO YOUR PREMIUM NUMBER . The number [protected] featured on my mobile phone bill .

The booking is under the name of Mr Ashleigh Tooth.

Alternative Telephone Contact: +[protected]

Main Email Address: atooth.[protected]

It occurred on: 1/11/2018

Full refund. I was doing Bookings.Com company a favour. The reason Why I called was due to incompetent administration in not obtaining the correct credentials of their booking. Miss Ashleigh Tooth, not Mr . The mobile was wrong. The email was wrong. The landline did not work.
I am not prepared to telephone them again, only to be charged to try and resolve the issue!

I look forward to your prompt response on this matter. As recommended by Trading Standards, I would like to keep a complete record of my case, so please reply back via this email account.

Yours faithfully,

Claire Guppy

Booking Reference atooth.[protected]@guest Via Bookings .com/Sykes Holidays
VikingCottage Glenuig

Crab Apple Cottage
Keens Lane
IP18 6NT


Nov 27, 2018

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