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On arrival to pick up the keys my partner was told firstly, that I had to be there even though he was the lead passenger and I booked it on his behalf.

The agent they changed their story and said they are refusing them entry as 7 of them showed up for the keys although I informed them we had rooms in the Oro Blanco which we booked through Travel Republic and confirmation could be shown. I advised the agency of this and was told "their not getting the keys and take it up with".

Not only did 4 of the party then have to find a hotel last minute they are also had to pay way over the odds for the hotel. I am gobsmacked that this is allowed to happen to people in a foreign country and it would certainly put me off using again for a hotel room instead of am actual travel agent. are telling me to contact the abroad agent, they are referring me back to and so I am not getting anywhere. are now ignoring all correspondence being sent. I have been offered half my refunds which, in my view, proves negligence. I would like a full refund I paid for a service I did not receive. I am also waiting on see where in the terms and conditions it says that friends cannot walk to your hotel with other friends to pick up their keys. Vouching for the room in the other hotel was offered and refused.


May 11, 2017

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