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i have a 2005 BMW 645 ci with the N62b44 engine.

There is a common issue with the this engine which affect many cars in which there is rough idle upon start which in some case could lead to damage to the engine.

My car has been in the shop 7 times for a rough idle when cold. Each time the service writer told me it was a normal characteristic of the car.

Now the interesting part... Through a past work relationship I have a contacted many BMW specialists. I was told me, and I am quoting "This is a very big problem for BMW. They know about about it and the fix could get very expensive. Up until now they have tried to patch the problem by upping the idle and tweaking other software related items. However, the problem is purely mechanical. If you want to prove this, ask them to do a cold leakdown test on the engine."

He went on to explain that the tolerances on some of the motors are very poor and at start up they exhibit an excessive amount of blowby which affects the idle quality and later on in life may lead to premature failure. We all remember the Nikasil debacle??

I have been having the run around for some time and i will not let this go.

please be advised that if I do not get a resolution i will go publicly to the news. Also I a member of BMW canada club.

i hope you can find a solution to my issue without making me spend thousands of dollars for your poor manufacturing design.

Jul 11, 2018

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