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Review updated: Salesman, Don Allen Holbrook, is making thinly disguised death threats. He has been threatening, suing and harassing customers and critics for years. He is the brainchild behind the failed international destination theme park, Earthquest. He sued all of the taxpayers that commented about that waste of 24 million tax dollars. He also sued The Houston Press, Craig Malisow, Our Tribune, Cynthia Calvert, The Pahrump Valley Times and me. He lost in court and was immediately thrown out on his ear. He has been mired in controversy and threatening lawsuits for decades. He has been fired from 2 Economic Developer positions and not renewed for a 3rd. He fraudulently claimed to be a Phd for years. Holbrook is clearly dishonest and dangerous and Bluegreen needs to take appropriate action immediately.

Bluegreen Resorts
Bluegreen Resorts

Dec 27, 2015
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  • Re
      Jan 05, 2016

    Resume fraud:

    From: Tracy Kitts [mailto:[protected]]
    Sent: Monday, January 04, 2016 5:29 PM
    To: Heather Dobrott
    Subject: Re: Formal Complaint Against IEDC CEcD and Fellow Member Don Allen Holbrook Part 1

    Dear Ms. Dobrott,

    In doing my preliminary review I've discovered that Don Holbrook's membership and CEcD status lapsed a few years ago. He is no longer a member of IEDC (and therefore no longer a Fellow Member) and no longer holds the CEcD designation. We currently have no relationship with Don Holbrook and so cannot put this case in front of our Committee on Professional Conduct.

    Best regards,


    Tracy Kitts
    Chief Administrative Officer
    International Economic Development Council (IEDC)
    Main: [protected] | Direct: [protected]
    [protected] |

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      Jan 09, 2016

    Judge Robert D. Stack of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, author of the defamation treatise Sack on Defamation: Libel Slander and Related Problems, describes when a libel suit might result from a work of fiction:
    "Where the defendant invents defamatory dialogue or other defamatory details in what purports to be nonfiction, uses actual people as fictional characters, or bases fictional characters on living person but fails to sufficiently to disguise the characters, so that the fictional characters are understood to be 'of and concerning' their living models, liability for libel may result." Even if the work contains a disclaimer stating that it's fictional, a libel claim can still arise.

    The title Soapbox-Momster steals my online name of over a decade and the main character is Heather. Another colossal failed project by Don Allen Holbrook!

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  • Jj
      Aug 20, 2018

    Why he is not in jail is just a matter of time. Karma's a [censored]

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