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Beware of the Visitors Center in TN- the salesmen are waiting for you...they entice you with free tickets to see a show etc...We were totally naive! I really don't know how these salesmen sleep at night because it is really a farce.

Too many rules apply and of course you come to realize this after your purchase. The salesman left out huge details on how the point system really works. Just keep in mind the maintenance fees come around fast- $500/year for a TS that hardly has availability- you may as well spend this money on somewhere you really would like to go!

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  • Lo
      Sep 12, 2008

    wrong again about availabilty
    all owners can make reservations for 2 days upwards 11 months out

    The Mf are in fact one of the lowest in the TS industry

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  • Ba
      Feb 10, 2009

    WRONG AGAIN about main /fees they are scandalously high,
    Who do you work for then, NOT BLUEGREEN by any chance.

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  • Lo
      Jul 10, 2009


    you seem to be missinformed on many things

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  • Sh
      Apr 13, 2010

    Lord [censored]s...You ARE an employee, and a septic dweller. My sound just like an 'fing Bluegreen advertisment. Proof positive you are one of the coven you ###.

    I've spent days, weeks, and months trying to get something for the money I've wasted on this nightmare. So have hundreds of other victims.

    FACTS ARE FACTS YOU LOSER...WHY ELSE WOULD YOU COME TO THIS SITE. You've made 26 posts here at this site alone under this ONE pseudoname playing cheerleader for Bluegreen. You make me sick you lying piece of feces.

    Yeah, right, your not a sales whore. Sure. Your just here because you love Bluegreen. 26 posts...and your not a sales slut???? Bull S#$t... You really are a sad, sad, sad human.

    The only people who could love the company are the gutter trash that get the opportunity through Bluegreen to steal from hard working people. The Yahoo Group is nothing more than a bait and switch mechanism for the snakes that work this scam.

    Liars, Thiefs, Parasites and ###. That is all they are...that is all you are.

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  • Lo
      Apr 18, 2010


    come on we all know that you can now cut and paste.

    but even that is the same old Bull

    lots of words no real facts

    no idea of how the system works

    and more comments than me lol

    but get typing Robin

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  • Sh
      Apr 19, 2010

    Hey [censored]'s is going!
    I see your over here at spewing more of your Bluegreen lies.
    Copy and Paste this you septic dweller.
    I find it hilarious that your profile says you live in England. Hahaha...PROOF POSITIVE [censored]S HERE IS A PAID BLUEGREEN EMPLOYEE!!!

    lots of words no real facts: FACT: Bluegreen has a Better Business Bureau Rating of "F" in West FL Where Headquarters is.

    no idea of how the system works: FACT: Here's how the system works [censored] - BG makes promises they know they can't keep, unsuspecting people purchase what they have been told is the next great thing in Vacationing, people then discover they CANT go where they want when they want, they CANT sell it back to Bluegreen, Their Fees go up every year by 15-20%.

    Copy and Paste this you ###.

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  • Lo
      Apr 19, 2010


    good to see you have no had to cut copy and pasting again

    My fees did not go up 15-20% maybe its because I am an English person lol, they went up 10%

    Maybe in your (sandwich short of a picnic ) fantasy world your day to day running costs never go up in your spetic tank land.

    The fact is you dont know what you are talking about and by the response you never will do.

    Keep taking the pills and the men with the straight jacket will be along soon.

    keep smileing and have a nice day

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  • Sh
      May 24, 2010

    Well...I discovered the deal with these Bluegreen cheerleaders.
    Ever wondered why someone would come to a consumer complaints site and cheer on the bad guys, the rip off artists, scamsters, crooks and thieves (Bluegreen). I just didn't get it...until I did some research. These guys are paid "REPUTATION DEFENDERS". Companies pay these dirt bags to scour the internet and DEFEND thier practices.
    Proof: Google the following words "reputation defense".

    [censor] working for [censor].

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