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Bluegreen Resorts / everything is &booked!&

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Called 5 different times today for 12 different vacation destinations. ALL were "booked". At the tour we were told "As an owner you can always get in where you want to go! Booking at the last minute is no problem!" That was one of the biggest lies we were told. We were also told that RCI had many more resorts we could choose from. Called RCI and they were ALL booked everywhere we wanted to go. Still another lie about RCI. They still take their money out of our account every month, but we have yet to be able to book a vacation anytime, anywhere. Going to sell as soon as possible!!

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  • Lo
      25th of Aug, 2008
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    Good Luck. It's pretty hard to sell a timeshare and regain everything you invested. By the way, don't believe it when someone tells you that you can book it last minute. At the beginning of July, it's pretty hard to book even the crappiest hotel, much less a timeshare with close to 200, 000 owners...

  • Te
      15th of Apr, 2009
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    I am dealing with the same horrible issue. They NEVER have anything available and we were told the exact same lies that you were given. "You can always get a room, even if it's last minute!" I questioned this over and over with the salesman because we can't plan over 2 or 3 months ahead due to our jobs. The salesman assured me over and over, and over that it wouldn't be a problem. We were also kept in the sales office for over 4 hours. They were actually closed and had to unlock the door to let us out and the only way we escaped was by purchasing a Sample plan. We have tried to use this program and make it work since we did sign on that dotted line but everytime we call, the answer is always the same. Either I don't have enough of the right color points or there's no availabilities. I actually started to cry with frustation during the last call because I felt so used and abused and because I'm paying $240 a month for the privilege of being abused by them. I hate them!!!

  • Do
      27th of Oct, 2009
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    I read on here and people always say they were in presentations for hours! If you don't know the timeshare game then you shouldn't play. If you say you won't buy because it is to much money you will be there all day playing with numbers until its affordable. duh! If you say your not buying because you just don't like the resort and it isn't up to your standards it will get you out faster. Next they'll say well we have other resorts and so on. But if you just say you hate it and start bragging about other resorts that are plush and lavish and your not buying you'll get out fast. Use your brain people, there are no shackles on your feet making you stay. When you are done stand up take a step closer to them so they are uncomfortable, say in a firm voice "We're done here, have a good day". Then ask for your gift and go. We like to go just for free gifts and trips. We already own and are happy owners because we are smart people who understand the program and read the fine print before we sign the dotted line. So we already know that we aren't buying another timeshare so we go in and tell them at the start that we have to pick our children up in 1 hour so they have to keep it short and sweet. They usually go at their normal pace and think you'll forget that you have to go or something. But when we stand up after 1 hour and say we have to go pick up our kids and where do we go to pick up our free gift then they know we we're serious. If you stay at a presentation for 4 hours your stupid!

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