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Bluegreen Resorts / poor service!

1 United States Review updated:

We sat for FOUR HOURS listening to their sales pitch. After we said we couldn't afford it, they got very offended and left our table; when they came back, they gave us a lower offer we could afford. We took it--keep in mind that my husband was VERY thorough in the questions he asked. They told us specifically that we would absolutely receive 50% off ALL hotels... come to find out, it's UP to half off the most expensive hotels in the area! We tried getting a room in Grand Rapids, MI and they only had one hotel in the area that cost more than the hotel we normally stay at--AND I discovered the "special rate" we could get was the same price charges for the same hotel! And we were told we could cancel within a certain time period, but use the points right away... hmm well we didn't even get our membership cards to call any place for over a month, then there was no place open to reserve, we could not use the bonus nights thing because all the rooms were taken everywhere we called...

We have tried selling our timeshare, Bluegreen will either not return our calls or, if we reach someone, they tell us that they can't do anything about it. The lady who sold us the timeshare said we could sell it for more than we paid for it... her supervisor told us that if we tried selling it we would definitely get our money back because prices were going up...we paid $10,000 for that timeshare. When we called the place that is selling the timeshares, we were informed that the average selling price is $6,000!!! Still getting lied to and SICK OF IT.


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  4th of Oct, 2007
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we also went to b/g sales promo in myrtle beach sc
they don't take no for an answer.they are pushing you into a ridiculous sale started at 42000 for what ? a week .I talked to people at the resort that bought and what they told me is the money spent each year is not equal to what you get blue green changes at will what they sale and rent and points charged.We can go wherever we want in the world for cheaper than blue green rip off no con artist God have mercy on your souls.

  31st of Mar, 2008
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so, what can be done about it? i haven't even had mine 30 days yet and want to sell back. of course they said no. i know i will be turning them into the better business bureau but i want my money back

  21st of Apr, 2008
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Why would anyone buy a timeshare so they could get cheap hotels very strange?

We have never had a problem with reservations.

We have always been able to use Bonus time $490 for a 7 night say in Orlando for 8 people is not bad going.

And 8 yrs down the line we are break even so anythig now is just MF which works out a lot cheaper than renting a villa/condo.

  19th of Feb, 2009
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Listen evryone it is cheaper to rent a villa about £400 per week, so i could rent a villa for 2 weeks with the money being paid for the maintenance fee to Bluegreen $1, 167.00 in UK money over £800 this is for 1 week a year. Where this Philip Smith gets his figures from i don't know, i'm ashamed that he is a fellow countryman, with some of the things he's written on this forum beggars belief. I hear he works in the textile business YOU don't supply bluegreen do you.

  10th of Jul, 2009
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It seems that there is only one point of view and that is yours, you are wrong my m/f would be around $850 not £ for one week peak season at The Fountains

I would also imagine he would be ashamed that a fellow countryman could also tell such out and out lies to try and get her point across, shame on you

  13th of Apr, 2010
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Lord Buttholes...You ARE an employee, and a septic dweller. My sound just like an 'fing Bluegreen advertisment. Proof positive you are one of the coven you ###.

I've spent days, weeks, and months trying to get something for the money I've wasted on this nightmare. So have hundreds of other victims.

FACTS ARE FACTS YOU LOSER...WHY ELSE WOULD YOU COME TO THIS SITE. You've made 26 posts here at this site alone under this ONE pseudoname playing cheerleader for Bluegreen. You make me sick you lying piece of feces.

The only people who could love the company are the gutter trash that get the opportunity through Bluegreen to steal from hard working people. The Yahoo Group is nothing more than a bait and switch mechanism for the snakes that work this scam.

Liars, Thiefs, Parasites and ###. That is all they are...that is all you are.

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