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In may we agreed to purchase a pool from blue world pools.In June it was finally installed.The very nice pushy salesman that came to our house.Kept stating one company one product.Which is a load of bullcrap.Our first installer shows up with 3 kids and his wife. Proceeds to tell us this is only his fourth pool ever installing.He doesn't feel comfortable where my old pool was.So he digs out 8 foot further.Now my new pool is 5 foot from my deck.He then tears my concrete floor that my other pool sit on up.Also charged me 100 extra dollars to do so I might add.So now I have a 12, o dollar pool that has unlovely columns and the liner has huge wrangles in it.He also mixed the concrete with the fill dirt so it cant be used anymore.The piping looked like my 3 yr old did it.Not level and it was leaking.The patented ionizer wasn't hooked up.So after calling blue world pools and complaining.In comes the next installer Dwayne. He fixes the columns, but the piping still looks like the work of a 3yr old.The liner has sharp objects in behind the walls and under the liner. Ionizer still not hooked up.Piping is leaking like a stuck pig.And when you call to complain they get mad at you.Now I'm waiting for another installer to come and repair the pool again.Each time its drained and refilled it cost me 100.00 I'm at 300.00 so far. Not to mention I have a 4ft wide 3ft deep crater in my yard. At this point I just want to be done.We have contacted an attorney and news channel 7 consumer affairs.Well see how it goes when our pool is televised nationally.Lets see how proud they are of it then.

Blue World Pools, Inc.
Blue World Pools, Inc.
Blue World Pools, Inc.
Blue World Pools, Inc.

Aug 29, 2016
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