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Blue Green Vacation Club / This is a scam where they made the rules and changed the rules after a completed purchase

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We have yet to take advantage of the "wonderful" vacation experience that we purchased. As a "proud" owner of a worthless vacation, I still cannot believe we bought into this scam. Although Blue Green has a beautiful location (s), good luck getting into one. Upon purchase, we were told about the opportunities for impromptu vacations since due to work schedules, we could not plan a year in advance. The sales person wholeheartedly stated that a large number of customers do a "spur of the moment" vacation and they cater to "folks like us." It has never happened! As owners, we would have first choice with accommodations available that accommodate schedules like ours. Yeh, right!! Today, frustrated with monthly payments, fees and taxes, I once again tried to schedule a 3 day vacation two months in advance. Guess what!?! No room at the Inn. Perhaps retired couples that can plan a year in advance may find Blue Green works for them, but for us, after paying years of monthly payments, fees and taxes, we have yet to have that dream vacation. If you are NOT an owner at Blue Green, you can reserve a room now at a cost of almost $400.00 for that 3 day vacation, since they have many units available that are for the general public, but as an owner, there is nothing. Of course, we could book a room for 3 days as a non owner, but we have paid Blue Green thousands of dollars already, why pay them another $400.00? Blue Green needs investigated. This is a scam where they made the rules and changed the rules after a completed purchase.

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  • Gr
      17th of May, 2007
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    They also are into family day events where people register to win a free trip to Disney.

    You receive a call from blue green vacations stating you won the trip out of thousands of entries, and all that is required is you pay the taxes and fees up front and receive your vacation package within 10 days.


    I caught on to this guy as he pitched his BS when he was talking as if he was a Disney employee, and then he was a blue green employee.

    Pretty clear, you don't pay any money for anything you win.

  • Da
      21st of Jun, 2007
    +2 Votes

    I have never been so dissatisfied with a business in my life. I was lied to from the beginning when I was told I would have no problem getting a six month extension on my vacation package I purchased. That was the main reason I went ahead and bought it, because I told them I was unsure if I could use all the points up by the end of the year.

    Now to add insult to injury, their owner services department are rude and absolutely no help in resolving issues. She was a hateful woman who needs to find a new line of work.

    Living in a town where they sell their junk, I will make sure that NO ONE I come in contact with will EVER Do business with BlueGreen. They WILL lie to you to make a sell and do not care at all about their customers. I may not be able to use my package, but they will never sell to anyone I know!

  • Ki
      30th of Oct, 2007
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    I totally disagree with all of the complaints I have seen! I am a VERY happy owner with BlueGreen and have never had a problem! As far as traveling last minute, I have never had a problem! As a very busy mother of 5, I need the flexibility that only BG has been able to offer! We book our vacations very last minute and have never had a problem! It sounds like the person that made that complaint does not understand how to use their ownership.

    As far as the person who complained that they were lied to, I can't speak to that. They are looking to extend an annual offer that is NOT ownership. I would think that the person who bought it would have read all of the associated paperwork that clearly says it is a one-year trial membership! If you buy a one-year membership at a gym and they refuse to give you an additional 6 months with no additional investment, are you still going to be as mad as you are with BG?? Sounds unreasonable. I have never had a problem with owner services. They have always been great. My advice to that person... try being an owner. You do understand that OWNER services caters to OWNERS, right? As a one-year trial member, you do not pay for owner services, I do.

  • Di
      2nd of Nov, 2007
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    I was fortunate enough to be able to cancel my contract, I did miss the cancel date by two days, due to holiday and the fact I could not reach anyone till after the date. When I called a representative of BG at the corp. office, I was told I needed to speak to someone where we actually signed all the papers. They told me a refund was out of the question, but I could apply the monies to a sampler vacation plan. They sent papers the next day for my signature, my husband refused to sign. (Bless him) The papers stated we had been offered a full non conditional refund, to be applied to the sampler package. When I recontacted BG to tell them we would not be taking the sampler, and I would appreciate the refund to returned to the credit card from which it came, I was told I cancelled to late and the money would not be returned. I have debated going to seek legal council, the paper states full, unconditional. Yea right! I may never live down getting taken in, but it could have been alot worse, I have read horror stories about this company and am thankful for my minimal loss.

  • Do
      20th of Nov, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I got a call today from Bluegreen saying we had won a free trip to St. Augustine, and all we had to do was pay $49.99. I asked why I needed to pay for a FREE trip, and she said I would get a $50 Visa gift card when we got to the vacation site. Yeah right. I told her no thanks. She asked me why, and I said I don't trust this. She asked me if I would feel better if she gave me their website to look at. I told her no, anybody can design a web page. Surprisingly I got no more hassles from her and she just said okay.

  • Dl
      7th of Jan, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Having read the complaints about Bluegreen, I must admit that having researched their program and business plan for a couple months, off and on, before joining, I am not surprised at complaints, generally speaking. Bluegreen has approximately a quarter of a million owners and there are bound to be a few people who expect the Taj Mahal, et cetera. Fortunately for us, we have owned for about four years and have NEVER not been booked, even on short notice, WHENEVER we have wanted a reservation. It's the best thing we've ever done! (Besides getting married, that is.)

  • Lo
      17th of Jan, 2008
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    we have been owners since Bluegreen took over Oasis Lakes (now The Fountains in Orlando)
    we are very happy with BG and have always been able to obtain a reservation.
    From the tone of the original posting I take it that this owner does not have the benefits of Bonus time etc and also is more than likly an owner with few points who wants the earth but will only buy into the smallest package.
    As with any timeshare the general public can rent available space --- this space /part weeks/full weeks etc is the unsold inventorty that belongs to the developer ie BG and not the BG Vaction Club, therefore if a resort is sold out then no gen public can rent it unless it is from an owner.
    It is not a Scam ----- there are to many people out there that think they can get somthing for nothing
    Why not join the Bluegreen Group on Yahoo then you will find out how to use your points and get the best out of them.
    Dont Knock the Vacation Club because you dont know how to use it !!!!!!!

  • St
      19th of Jan, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I see a pattern to both the good and the bad posts. The bad posts seem generated by folks who are not using their memberships and traveling to the various resorts. This is the best part of a vacation club over standard timeshare ownership. Even with those if you invest and do not use or rent your time to others . . . you are leaving money on the table. From the start I looked at my ownership as a challenge to extract value . I am well acquianted with the basic business model allowing them to sell ownership to a larger number of people than they have rooms. Why? Because less than half will use the privilege regularly, and many will not use it at all. That means they get money to improve the facilities, but there is no output of value to them. That translates to available rooms for my family (I say thank you) . After 5 years ownership and spending literally 7 weeks at Shenandoah crossing, a week in the Dells, a week at Big Cedar, a week at Gatlinbergand countless 2 and 3 day weekends at our home base of Shenandoah . . .by my count I have broken even using $250 a night as a night in a nice condo and $100 a night for a cabin. From here on out it is gravy. Where else can you get a great condo on a lake for $59? That is the cost of a Motel 6 . . . for roughly 2000 sq ft with full kitchen, gas fireplace, tv, cable and more?

    I would like to have more points so that I can go to more places. So if you want to transfer points to leave it all behind, please let me know. It does force me to go on vacation (hate the thought of leaving value on the table!) I love that . . .and I don't have to mow the grass, or paint the walls, worry about the roof or appliances. All handled in my maintenance fees.

    I have had a few units that needed attention. One call to the desk sent out none less that the operational manager! I have never had an issue that a simple friendly call to the desk did not resolve. Some folks are hard on the properties and they frankly embarass me that any family would allow a kid to deface a wall with grafitti or something . . . but they do, and I have complained, and it was made wonderful again.

    I don't like the all open for smoking rules, and feel this bucks a worldwide trend against smoking, particulary in lodging establishments. But the one cabin that had smoke smell was rectified with an ozone machine. Made it smell cleaner than new (I LOVE these machines!)

    I could do without some of the juvenile histrionics of the sales teams but hey, their living depends on making sales. I empathize . . . but it isn't ggoing to go well if they get angry with me.

  • Mo
      6th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    Have been a blue grren owner for over 5years paid 21,000 dollars, for a sales hand job, look at the map behind you sir pick a destination anywhere you want to go is yours for the asking, just don't ask for that one or this one or that one. The Maintenance fees have skyrocketed from 750 to 1100.00 per year, BG changes the rules faster than they change fees as far as I have ever seen, those of you who are happy contact me I have 35,000 points maintenance fees are all paid , I will be all to happy to sell you mine at a nice BG discount, otherwise you need to take a closer look at the situation. We are not happy with them at all the places are nice if you can get in one, but with the increasing maintenance cost, changing whimes of the management, I will mow the lawn myself. Blue green is absoulty ridiculous period!

  • Ks
      18th of Feb, 2008
    +1 Votes

    While I wouldn't necessarily call Bluegreen a scam, it is certainly a bad investment, in my experience. My husband and I have been owners since 1999. I could go into so many details about how badly we have been treated over the years by Bluegreen "Customer Care" representatives, but that would take a while. I'll just say that we have been out-and out lied to over and over again. When we made the initial purchase in 1999 we were told that BG had an agreement with the nearby Bob Evans chain and that we could show our BG member card and eat there for free (why did I believe this?!). We were also told that if we decided that we no longer wanted our timeshare, that BG would buy it back from us, and we would lose nothing. Again, a lie! I could go on....

    I have had their "Customer Care" representatives insult me to my face and tell me that I am basically stupid for not "upgrading" our points even when we explained that we couldn't financially afford to do so at the time. We were told that we didn't have any faith (?) in ourselves. If only we would purchase the points, we would surely find a way to pay for them....WHAT?!?! This guy was basically telling us....go ahead and spend $10,000 you don't have and you will find a way to pay for it. Yeah, this is really good financial advice. This same guy took the paper that they made us sign to verify that we were declining their "deal of a lifetime" and said..."The next time I see you, I'm going to wave this paper in your face and ask you how stupid you feel for not buying". This happened at the Harbour Lights resort in Myrtle Beach and the jerk's name was Henry.

    Regarding the comments that have been posted here about people wanting to get something for nothing....the problem is that is EXACTLY WHAT THEY SELL YOU ON! They convince you that you can purchase a less expensive timeshare and then trade for all these fabulous and exotic destinations. They are not upfront with you about how hard it is to work the system without having 20,000 or more points UNTIL AFTER you have bought into the system. Then after you realize you are getting nowhere with your "vacation club opportunity" they invite you in and inform you that in order to vacation the way you want to, you need to buy MORE POINTS! They lie to you initially to get you hooked and then they proceed to try to get you to buy more and more points.

    In the past year or so, they just up and changed to rules regarding how rolled over or saved points can be used. Now, you cannot use rolled over points to book any prime (high red or higher) vacation time. The reason I am so upset about this is because part of the sales pitch they used to get us to buy in was that we could "roll-over" points and use them to take a fantastic vacation. siree...not anymore. As someone else mentioned, they change the way they calculate maintenance fees and how you can use your points, and the members usually come out on the losing end.

    I will follow all of this up and say that we are currently trying to utilize our BG timeshare to the best of our ability because we have so much money tied up in it already, but we refuse to invest any more money in a company that has treated us so badly (even though we have been assured by their "Customer Care" representatives that we would be much better off if we invested another $15,000). We have taken 1 really nice trip to Barbados which we traded through RCI, but it was really the only really postivie experience we have had with BG.

    I would highly recommend that you NOT join, if you haven't already.

  • Ge
      22nd of Feb, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Thank you all for your information about the perils of Bluegreen vacation club. Yesterday, after attending a preview I found myself signing and leaving a deposit. After coming home and taking a CLOSER LOOK at the resorts and taking note of how many points I would need to attend I was astonished to see that my 10000 points would barely cover the vacation time I had hoped to take advantage of. I quickly went online and read your comments. Thank you so much. Today, as per directions I mailed a certified letter to cancel my contract. I hope I will not have any difficulty getting my deposit back. I was also offered bonus time that was included in the package deAL BUT I WAS CONCERNED THAT WHEN i WENT TO BOOK CERTAIN RESORTS AT A FLAT RATE THERE WOULD BE LITTLE AVAILABILITY. Your comments help save me from a financial disaster. Many thanks.

  • Si
      12th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    Wow, I am so glad I "Googled" Blue Green Resorts. I have an appointment in two weeks with them. My Hubby filled out a "entry slip" at the movie theatre an a few weeks later we recieved a voicemail saying we had won: 4 free airfare tickets, $25 visa gift card, 3 day 2 night free hotel accomodations. I will call them later today and cancel our appointment in Novi, MI. I am sorry so many people were decieved but I am thankful you warned others of your experience.

  • St
      12th of Mar, 2008
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    I have owned now for 5 years, so far I have traveled to florida, branson area, jamaica, spain, new york, san fransisco, the bahamas, the bahamas on a cruise, and sent my daughter and her friends to daytona beach last year. I have never had a problem booking any of my vacations. The only reason I found this site was because I was search for the bluegreen website and noticed this one on the search screen. (I am at work and don't have it in my favorites)
    Before I was an owner, the cost of just 4 of my vacations that I had saved for over several years, actually cost more than what I paid for my points. I never travel for a full week, go off season, and I stay away from weekends. I paid off my points after only 3 years, now I pay less than $1000 per month to travel about 2 weeks of the year 3 to 4 vacations, staying in 100% better than a hotel. I still winch, remebering staying in a hotel on the beach in new jersey about 9 years ago, we spent over $400 per room a night for 2 rooms a total of $3200 for the 4 days we were there, one for me and my wife, the other for the kids, the walls were peeling from the seawater, the toilet didn't work right, it took until day 2 before they fixed it. We had to keep running to the kids room to use theirs. And this was supposed to be a good resort, as listed in some magazine I had read at the time.

  • Au
      11th of Apr, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I have been a owner with bluegreen for five years and have to say I have been completly satisfied! We have two small children and totally enjoy our vacations. We take at least two vacations a year and have never had one problem. I will say that we recently tried to use bluegreen to stay in williamsburg, Va and they did not have any rooms available----reason being----they are building a new resort and and currently using a renovated hotel(SMALL HOTEL). This is the only time we have had any conflict. We stayed at the Crowne Plaza and the whole time my husband and I kept commenting how spoiled we are by Bluegreen. All the units we have stayed at have been clean, spacious and eployees have been curtious. If you dont like something tell them they will fix it. As far as the points you purchase not being enough to cover a vacation its all in knowing how to use the club and when you want to vacation. We only have 5000 points a year and can get two vacations out of it. However we dont vacation during high red seasons and felt that it was explained very good when we purchased. Know what your buying. Being a Bluegreen owner also entitles you to the use of RCI if you cant get what you want with Bluegreen try using RCI they are easy to use and have many choices. They offer whole week stays and you pay as little as two hundred dollars for seven days. All in all I think we made a goog investment in Bluegreen and look forward to our vacation at Orlandos Sunshine Resort in August!

  • Ge
      8th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Agree with most complaints. They described the experience to the T. Not many resorts. (Only 1 in western US) They only manage some properties in handbook so they claim availablity is more limited.

    Exchange options can be used only in small windows of opportunity. Commonly exchange properties are said to be available "over a year from now." Promises are made to "put you on the call back list if something open up" or "you should call back in early ____ when owners have released their units."

    Anybody ever sold a Bluegreen timeshare on the open market? Anybody know a good class action trial lawyer?

  • Lo
      11th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    i take it you are not an Owner who has bought since June 2006, since if you were you would knoe about Select Conections which allows BG owners to book 18 shell resorts in the West of the US.
    The ones which are assosiate resorts do only have limted inventory and yes these are moredifficult to get in, but come on these are a few of the 4o odd resorts in the BGVC

  • Da
      15th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Ive been an owner for more than five years and would highly reccommend the club. Ive made last minute plans and have gone to Orlando, Aruba, Branson, Wis Dells, Charleston SC and a few other places. I cant even recognize the company thats being complained about. Some resorts cant be booked last minute but what would you expect. I have nothing but good things to say, I love it.

  • Ge
      31st of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Is there a user's group that is willing to get in the face of Bluegreen?
    I should have known better than to buy. Iwas caught on a day that I was trying to be extraordinarily polite.

    When one can drive down the road a mile or so from any timeshare resort and see 2 - 6 billboards advertising timeshare resales and purchases one should know that something is rotten in Denmark.

    Then if one tries to sell a timeshare one is pushed to pay an upfront "promotional fee" (one time, of course) of 500 - 600 bucks. If any are sold on ebay apparently they are going for 1/20 to 1/4 of original purchase price. Some deal!!

    I figure that the percentage ownership that I own in my timeshare unit correlates to a total sale price for the unit of about $850, 000. In addition the annual maintenance for this one suite is about $21, ooo and total membership fees for this one suite come to about $12, 500. What a sweet deal for Bluegreen. And they ask us to pay $5 per year to help represent the timeshare racket.

    But why should I complain. I am a grown man and I was stupid enough to buy it.

  • Lo
      1st of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    since you have done your homework on what BG make from your uint I take it you have done the same for your Hotel room.
    We all know that ther are plenty of resale timeshare some are real bargins some are not.
    But please dont knock Bg if you dont know how to get the most out of your points.
    Join the Bluegreen group on Yahoo
    The investment you make in timeshare is for quality holidays and not how much you will make from it,
    we have had timeshare for almost 10 years and broke even on it so from now on its just the MF and club dues which give us a lot of quality holidays at a very low cost.
    I am writing this from a BG resort we are half way through a nice 2 week break

  • Ge
      2nd of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    If a hotel rents a room for $200 per day and has 100% occupancy it will gross $73, ooo per year or $730, 000 in 10 years. Out of this they have to pay all construction costs, interest, and operating expenses.

    In 10 years the timeshare company collects:
    Payments for expenses and memberships $335, ooo
    Initial income from sale of unit 850, 000
    Earnings on 850, 000 @ 6% 510, 000 Total 1, 695, 000

    Appears to me about a million dollar advantage to the timeshare company.

    What is the name of the Bluegreen group on Yahoo?

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