BLS International Servicesmisleading information on bls's nigerian website

I have submitted the email hereunder both to [protected], feedback. [protected] and Spanish embassy but to date no response from BLS, and the website remains with misleading/inaccurate information

Good day Sir / Madam,

There are several items of misleading information on your website, and in spite of complaints by applicants, these items of not being resolved to date.
Hereunder is the personal experience of two applicants on the day of the submission of their applications.

Family / Friend Visit Visa is N6, 500
BLS's website states that the cost for a Family / Friend Visit Visa is N6, 500 only plus the service charge of N6, 500. See attached from website.
However, at the office on the day of submission of application, you were told that the price is the same as the 'Tourist' visa, N25, 200, regardless and without any explanation. Your reference to the website information receives no acknowledgement.
One of the requirements for a Family / Friend Visit Visa is an invitation letter issued by the Spanish Police or a 'Notary Public, ' the latter is quite expensive (as I had later learned from my friend inclusive of DHL's cost from Spain to Nigeria, about 500 Euros) and several times the Tourist visa cost of N25, 200.
The much cheaper option had I known, would have been to apply for a 'Tourist' visa and save my friend that significant cost.

Colour photocopies of your documents
You have to download from the website a 'Checklist' that lists the document required with your application, see attached from website. However, at the office on the day of submission of application you are told that you require colour photocopies of your documents, this is not mentioned anywhere on their website or checklist.
Now to the ridiculous, and it's not a joke. The website stated you are to submit a colour copy of your passport's data page. And, you need a colour photocopy of all documents. The attendant stated you needed a 'colour photocopy' of the photocopy of your passport's data page, a second extra identical photocopy of the data page, that I had, was not acceptable. This actually happened.

Off course, colour photocopying service is available at a premium cost.

Passport pictures
The checklist and a web page provides the specification for the passport picture along with an illustration. However, at the office on the day of submission of application you are told that your passport picture is incorrect, more face less shoulders, contrary to the specification provided.

Off course, passport picture service is available at a premium cost.

Embassy/Consulate appointment
The website has an option for booking appointment to the Embassy/Consulate. This is not valid option but its still available on the website.

Only one attendant
Finally, got in there at 10:00am, left after 1:50pm. Had to rejoin the queue to get colour photocopies and more money. There was only one person accepting applications.

On the day of submission of the application, other applicants protested, most silently, (some consoling themselves by saying this is how its done in Nigeria) about the additional photocopying but had no choice but pay at a premium cost. Providing additional copies is an easy process and further, in making the appointment your email address is submitted. This additional photocopying requirement was just an email.

Hoping that this complaint is used to improve your website by removing the number of inaccurate items of information in order to improve customer experience.


Nov 23, 2018

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