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I sent flowers through the internet and did not realize that I was also applying for a charge of $9.95 per month to my credit card. I have not used this service other than the flower order in March.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Haymarket, VA I want these charges stopped and credit issued for 6 months, $59.70, which includes September. Charges have always appeared on or about the 2nd of each month. I have not been able to find any other means of contacting this company.

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  • Ch
      Sep 23, 2008

    Same problem.

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  • De
      Sep 24, 2008

    My husband ordered me flowers and now I keep seeing debits for $9.95 every little bit... What the heck is going on. This has to stop...

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  • Mi
      Oct 08, 2008


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  • Bk
      Oct 14, 2008

    I've experienced the same issue. I've gone back a few months are realized I've beend charged $9.95 for a 1 Blooms Reward. What kind of reward is this where you pay them for nothing!!!

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  • Co
      Jan 09, 2009

    I have also been charged for many months and want these charges removed from my Dillard's American Express Card IMMEDIATELY. The credit card company can['t remove the charges unless they know who is charging them. I have finally found you online and want OUT OF THIS SCAM NOW!!! I will contact the Better Business Bureau and the Ohio state attorney General's office if need be. This ongoing scam needs to stop..!!

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  • Al
      Feb 01, 2009

    The rude attitude of American Express Dillards Customer Service Manager drove me nuts trying to explain why they denied me credit for a charge of $12.36. Did not pay attention to the fact that my account was changed from a regular Dillards to an Amex/Dillards card, so with a $4, 000.00 credit line it struck me as totally whack when my card was denied and knew it had to be a mistake. We called Customer Service, no results, asked for a manager. The Manager told me to pay the $12.36 or else. The card was in default, she further explained it HAD to be my fault, and hung up on me. After several calls, no apology they asked me to send a letter. We went to the bank, the check had been cleared, With bank statement in hand went to the store with all papers and while going over details we realized the payment was made to the OLD account number for 29.37. We never defaulted on our payment. No one picked up the error, I did. I wonder if this will show up on my credit report and how a manager could get away with speaking to a long standing customer like that. If they ever try to get bailed out, I will stand before their offices and remind them what they do to their customers.


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  • Be
      Feb 18, 2009
    1 Blooms Reward - Unauthorized billing
    1 Blooms Reward
    United States

    I used this online flower company last June to send flowers to my granddaughter. I do remember setting up a user name and password but I didn't read the small print.

    I just reviewed my credit card bills and found that the company has been charging me $9.95 each month since June. When I called them today to find out why they were doing this, I was told that I had agreed to it when I set up my user name and password.

    If I had realized that, I would have never setup the user name and password. There is absolutely no benefit to me to have this charge every month.

    I consider this to be a scam, ripoff, and purely a trick to get people to unknowingly, get signed on to a monthly charge - for nothing that would be of benefit.

    They did cancel the account but refused to process a refund.

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  • No
      Aug 24, 2009

    The same thing just happened to me... 4 mos of billing to my account and no chance for a refund.
    They told me that I signed up for their rewards program when I bought flowers on-line. Never again!
    This is a total rip-off. I have reported them to my bank to try to get my money back.
    Here is their customer service number in case you find yourself in the same situation: [protected]

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  • Ne
      Apr 17, 2010

    I found a phone number on their website and after listening to their "hold" message, they have a direct line to cancel their reward program: [protected]. Of course their hours are 8a-5p ET so I was not able to reach anyone today, but will try again monday.

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  • Kg
      Sep 28, 2010

    iam being charged $9.95 a month that i am really upset about. i did not tell them that they could take this money. this is just awful. kathie

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  • Ma
      Feb 04, 2011

    I just found out that Blooms Reward charged us $9.95 each month for year now!! I am stupid not to recognize this on my credit card. We should have never sent those flowers :(

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  • Ju
      Feb 11, 2011

    Canceling is actually pretty easy. Thought they were going to be a hassle but as long as you call in the business hours they dont seem to get many calls because it is so hard to find there number. Thank you MarkhamB for posting this number for all of us that have been hit by them.
    Justin B

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  • De
      Feb 14, 2011

    I to was charged this fee from Bloomsrwrd 18oo-371-6048 which started back in Oct 2010 I was charged $ 9.99 and the again in Nov, Dec, Jan, and Feb I was Charged on the 3rd and the 6th for ths same amounts, I did contact my credit card company and filed a fraud on this, While talking to my credit card company we did a three way calling and this company said I did this on line, I told them I do not do flowers, but they said I did it, well I called my Atty. generals office in Michigan and now filling a complaint with them also. Furthermore duing this time of Oct, I was in NY City and when I came back, my brother was in the hospital ICU dying, so I know for a fact I did not do this Reward thing or order any flowers period!!! on line. Also why did they charge me Jan 15, Feb 3 and Feb 6th for $ 9.99, Oh yes I forgot this Credit account was closed on Feb 3rd per my request after paying off my bill before I relized that I was being charged for this on my card, I've learned a very hard lesson always check your Bill, thank goodness, my credit card company will go back 120 days on fraud.

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  • Ho
      Mar 15, 2011

    Call this #[protected] and cancel the membership, thats what they are saying we wanted it.

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  • Cl
      Oct 16, 2012

    I also ordered flowers and i did not ask or checked box for membership and they have been charging me for 9.99 membership fee. Every month for 6 months and I've cancelled online and over the phone and they say okay will not charge you but there it is again on my next statement. what to do to get reimbursed for this 69.90.

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