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Well here we are coming up to Feb 2009, I'm still waiting for my final pay check for the work since Nov 2008.
Not much has changed the bloomex staff is still ripping people off any way they can, , Beware Valentines is just around the corner, need to disapoint your loved one? Order from Bloomex if you do they will guarantee to let you down.. Don't take my word read the complaints from last Valentines Day.
I'm presently enjoying the warm sun but when I return I plan to take the crook Dimtri to small claims court and get my last pay, he also forgets that I didnt sign the new contract right away he owes me there to and interest.. In the meantime BUYER BEWARE OF BLOOMEX . CA read the p0licies, you will be charged $9.99 to have the dead flowers picked up and if you think your getting a refund when your Valentine Flowers don't arrive think again this is not how BLOOMEX RIPPOFF works . There is an excuse for everything you tell them, in the mean time count on them hanging up on you or disconnecting you from the live help ..
BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE ... READ THE POLICIES ... you take a chance ordering from them and you take a bigger change working for them ... they will not hesitate to deduct your hours and rip you off ...
Sincerly Yvonne ex employee

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  • Jo
      Apr 09, 2009

    With regards to my order, I have received notice from the recipient - Uxbridge receiver of the floral arrangement who tells me she was absolutely overwhelmed with the beautiful arrangement you prepared. I thank you so much. This was my first order with Bloomex and definitely not my last, your staff were extremely helpful, and courteous and the confirmation of delivery is very reassuring. Thank you again, Jo-Ann

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  • Ni
      Mar 17, 2010

    Bloomex informs me of my changed order after they ship the product and goof it up.
    these are excerpts from the mail i sent to bloomex..their reply is still awaited but this was the first time i placed an order for someone so special and bloomex completely blew is going to take some time before i even think to order again. It not goin to happen with bloomex thats for sure.

    To: BloomEx
    Sent: Wed, March 17, 2010 4:36:10 PM
    Subject: Re: Order Status Change: Your Order

    Dear Sir,
    Substituting a flower with a flower with higher value fair enough, substituting a chocolate with a chocolate with higher value also is fair enough but how can tea and coffee bags be equivalent to cookies and chocolate bars.
    If what you say is to be taken, then as per your company policy you should have replaced a cookie with a cookie and a chocolate bar with another chocolate bar. this is ridiculous. You could might as well packed what you had at your store than fooling us with all those kind of options and then justifying your actions with a policy which is not at all justified.
    You, the management or whoever concerned did not value the sentiments attached of the customer and sent what you had in hand. Then what was the point in taking time off, goin thru all the options given and ending up getting wht you did not want and what u did not pay for. Your policy does not say that you will substitute anything for anything. because that is exactly what you have done here. There was no coffee or tea products in my order..then how could they possibly be an equivalent substitute for anything in my order, as per your policies. You keep mentioning about similar prodect policies, but you have violated your policies.I did not want any tea or coffee in my basket and so I saw to it that I didn order them.
    This is not done. . And also if you have changed the status of my order you should have intimated me before shipping it as I place the order more than a week ago, and there was enough and more time to replenish your stock too if the item was out of stock. And why would you accept orders for articles which are out of stock more than 2 weeks. This is simply unacceptable.
    I place 2 orders (one with 11 items which did not have tea or coffee in it)and another (one with belgium truffles)
    I end up getting tea and coffee in the package and no sign of belgium truffles and above all no intimation that you have changed the face of my order and justifying it with a company policy which you have completely violated.I feel cheated.
    From: BloomEx
    Sent: Tue, March 16, 2010 11:09:52 PM
    Subject: Order Status Change: Your Order xxxxxxx

    Hi, Sebastian,

    the Status of your Order No. xxxxxx has been changed.

    Comments on your Order:
    We have received your message. As per our policies listed on our website and in the email confirmation you received after placing your order, in the unlikely chance we are sold out of a particular flower type, we are able to substitute with another similar flower: Substitutions: Due to seasonal nature of flowers and order volume, we reserve the right to substitute with similar product of greater value.
    It is very unlikely since the vast majority of our orders are produced at our own production facility. For the year 2006, our substitution rate was 1.3%.
    Following rules for substitution will apply:
    * Specialty Gifts Specialty gifts may be substituted with another specialty gift of greater value and of similar theme and category.

    Thank you, Management mr

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  • Ra
      Nov 26, 2011

    I ordered a gift basket for my mother for mother's day, I wanted the basket delivered on May 7th. It never came. I called the company and there was a recording saying that all deliveries will be delivered by Sunday May 8th. My mother waited all day Sunday it never came. Not only she wasted her whole weekend, she never got her Mother's Day Present.
    I called the following morning to complain, the guy that answered was rude and could care less. He wanted to rush me off the phone so bad. Told me to file my complaint through email. would not let me talk to anyone at all! A few days later, I got an email from them saying that their records showed the basket was delivered and as a token of goodwill they are going to resend my mother her basket. This was May 12th. My mother saw that they left a voice mail at 5:07 pm, my mom was not home at the time, she called them back to reschedule and told them to deliver after 6pm.
    Today she came home from work, saw that they attempted at 4pm. Is this company run by FOOLS? My mother called them right back and a guy answered telling my mom that he does not know where the basket is, and that he does not have it. He asked my mom if they could reschedule the delivery for Saturday may 14th or Monday May 16th.
    This was supposed to be a Mother's day present.
    this is not acceptable.
    Excuses excuses.

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