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Euroflorist Europe / EFlorist Complaints & Reviews

Euroflorist Europe / Eflorist / wrong item delivered. would not deliver correct item nor give money back for their mistake.

May 18, 2019

Do not use euroflorist! I ordered a live plant (muguet) that I should be able to replant. They sent me cut flowers in a vase. When I notified them of their mistake they acknowledged the mistake and then offered me a 50 percent discount on the order. I wanted the plant I ordered and to...

Euroflorist Europe / Eflorist / my order did not arrive. you are extremely difficult to contact

May 14, 2019

A week before Mother's Day, I ordered roses for my mother. I have used your services before. My mother did not receive her flowers up to this day. I just called her in Germany. I have sent 3 e-mails to your company and called once. No one has the courtesy to call me back or send me an...

Euroflorist Europe / Eflorist / flower

Jan 07, 2019

I sent to my son flower, but I forgot to menciones a complete adreess, so, i tried several times to give the adreess in a email that the euroflorist give to contact them, but, they don't answer my email and the flowers will not be delivered to the adreess . I paied and I want my money back...

Euroflorist Europe / Eflorist / flowers for a grieving friend

Oct 13, 2018

I ordered flowers for a friend in Germany who had just lost her mother on 11/9/18. I was told delivery would take place 2 days after the order. When I spoke to her three weeks later no flowers have been delivered. I emailed to ask for a refund and got a link to a delivery company which...

Euroflorist Europe / Eflorist / bouquet never got delivered, customer service line is not in operation; looks like a scam company

May 08, 2018

i ordered a bouquet to be sent to my husband's office for his Birthday on his business trip. as the many reviews here stated, the bouquet never arrived. my husband is leaving for another city in the morning so he will never receive them. my take is that Euroflorist is running a florist...

Euroflorist Europe / bouquet of flowers (home delivery)

Feb 13, 2018

Euroflorist's services and network do not live up to delivering the nice pictures of bouquets they show online. Reality is much different than what you supposedly pay for. Even worse is the so-called make-up bouquet they were going to send afterwards. Did not happen. When I inquired about...

Euroflorist Europe / disappointment reason euroflorist!

Nov 29, 2017

I've sent to my girlfriend 'the wonder of orchids' named product which is on their website. But they sent her cheaper one named 'pink orchids' İf I would like to send cheaper one I would send it. You can't decide instead of me!! I feel frustrated. I paid for 'the wonder of orchids' they've...

Euroflorist Europe / flowers have not been delivered

Sep 23, 2017

Invoice Nr.: DE4835907 Date: 12.09.2017 Payment: PayPal I have placed an order for flowers delivery in Germany. I have received an email from DHL saying that the packet has not been delivered as the person wasn't at the address or the person's name is not on the doorbell. I also understood that...

E-Florist / Failed to deliver flowers

Apr 20, 2017

These guys are the worst flower delivery service ever! I do not recommend to anyone. They failed to deliver flowers and that was a birthday surprise! I found their contact phone number on their website and called to get some assistance, but they were unprofessional and were...

Euroflorist / Flower delivery

Feb 16, 2017

The orchids I ordered are not the orchids that arrived. The orchids I ordered were the luxe/large product PLA10_71 supposed to have three or four orchid plants in the pot. The orchids that arrived were the cheaper plain white orchids with only one plant in the pot with just two stems and...

Euroflorist België / Fake order

Nov 30, 2016

On Nov 30th, I received an email from Euroflorist, claiming I made an online order to be delivered to: Nom: Mme Helena Verstraete Adresse: Gentsesteenweg 443 Code postal: 1080 Ville: MOLENBEEK-SAINT-JEAN Pays: Belgique I emailed Euroflorist to explain that I was living in Asia, never... / goods not as advertised

May 31, 2013

I ordered flowers from for my mother thanking her for her decision to have chemotherapy after being told by her Doctor she has Cancer in her liver. I first ordered the Regular size Bouquet called " WOW ". The price for this including a vase and delivery was £41.85 . After...

eflorist / overcharging


Placed an online floral delivery and was told a grand total which I accepted. Paid by VISA and even printed out an invoice for myself. When I received my bank statement I was charged $23.00 more than my invoice. When I called to complain, they stated "oh didn't anyone tell you that we... / eflorist


I ordered a large heart wreath w/pink and red flowers. It was for my husbands funneral. I ordered it on friday may 1, to delivered Saturday afternoon. I paid 125.87 dollars for this heart wreath. Keep in mind I am a floral designer by trade. I understand about flowers sometimes aren't...

E-Florist Inc. / Product never delivered


I ordered a bouquet of flowers and a teddy bear for my Mother-in-Law for her birthday. I ordered on a Sunday and the arrival date was Wednesday, so I ordered plenty in advance. On Wednesday I called up my Mother-in-Law and she had not received our gift. When I sent an e-mail to E-Florist...

E-Florist / Fraud and scam


This company accepted the order for a Xmas plant to be delivered the following day. A week later when the plant was not delivered, I contacted the company and they said they would check on the order and call back with information. They did not call back. I had to re-contact them again and...

E-Florist Inc. / Overcharge of quotation


My flower order grand total quoted to me was $57.79 USD and was charged $67.16 USD on my credit card. I called for a $9.37 credit to my credit card but was only credited $2.43 company policy they said due to a Canadian currency exchange. What? I did business with the U.S. and not Canada...

E-Florist / deception


I am based in the UK and just spent over 1oo US dollars for delivery of flowers, balloons and vase for my mother's birthday to a US address. Thoroughly disapppointed to hear that this was not what was delivered. Tried to contact their helpline - was put on hold for over 15 minute... / overcharged, late arrival, & incorrect product


I paid $10 extra for same-day delivery. The flowers arrived two days later than the approximated delivery date. The delivery agency put someone elses name on the card, so the recipient didn't know who they were from. I was invoiced for $47 but my credit card was actually charged $53... / Credit card fraud


I ordered a plant online to be delivered the next day. At about noon the next day, I received an email stating the the order could not be delivered due to a problem with the credit card information. After finally getting through to them, they said that I had given them an incorrect...

E-Florist / Charged my card after I cancelled


We ordered flowers on Mother's Day and they called us the next day to let us know that couldn't deliver until the following week.. so I cancelled. They still charged my card the next day and it was $9 more plus 3.99 currency conversion charge. I called them and asked why they...

E-Florist / poor service - theft


E-Florist: I am EXTREMELY disappointed in your service. Not only did you NOT provide the plant I selected, you made a change without consulting me, overcharged me and sent a substandard (SMALL) plant in place of what I ordered., and I upgraded twice! I cannot imagine what would have been...

E-Florist Inc ( / Avoid to order flower from them at all cost!


Looked online for local florist in Dallas, Texas and e-florist came up. I ordered the flower from them and got the confirmation/invoice with the total of $100.29. I got the credit card statement today but they charged us $112.34 which is $12 higher than original invoice. I called them...

E-Florist-Inc / Do not order from them - it is a scam!


Looked online for local florist in Orlando, Florida and e-florist came up. I ordered Flowers for my girlfriend living next to me on May 15, 2007. I was promised next day delivery. Today is may 22 and still no flowers. I called them many times but no one answers the phone. I left 20...