Bloomexfood baskets are a scam

This is what you get when ordering "cheese lovers basket" plus "european samplers basket" (See picture) from bloomex florists. 30 pieces combined, 2oz - 5oz boxes of indonesia made waver/sweet snacks. 22 are duplicates. No fruit. No seafood. The loonie size cheese is tiny pieces of saran wrap (No country or ingredient label). The inferred wicker "baskets" are tin-can containers. Their is no european product as inferred. There is no gourmet item as inferred. The greeting card is left blank.

For $120.00 you get a broken heart of a loved one on a special occasion. You also get a run around of numerous phone calls made with no remedial results.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Vancouver, WA "take pictures" of the bloomex errors (Scams) cause without pictures there is no hope with customer complaints - that's their requirement!

Order two boxes of premium choices of fruit, cheeses and seafood and you receive same identical boxes of sweet indonesia cream waffer goodies. Your other choice is to run to your nearest dollar store and purchase the indonesian sweets at $1 each.

Of the 30 little boxes, 22 were duplicated items. Of the two different gourmet fruit/cheese/seafood baskets ordered, what arrived was two of the same indonesia cream sweets in a tin-can metal container.

In case you have any tears left, bloomex tops it off with a 'plastic' ribbon bow and an unsigned card.

Their web site states the inferred pictures may not contain the exact same goods; all 30 pieces?? If you want to really shut down this scam scheme note that the food labels do not comply with canadian federal law & food regulation.

Canada's diary food regulation requires full labels on all dairy product. Try to find that on loonie size saran-wrap cheese pieces with no ingredient label.

Misrepresentation is fraudulent.


Dec 28, 2014

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