Bloomex Florists - Food "gift Baskets"scam! two orders; neither arrived as to posted goods

Two Christmas gift "FOOD BASKETS" arrived from Bloomex in TWO BOXES from family in Ontario to 92 yr old mother in British Columbia on December 24th. Both Bloomex Florist boxes were filled with exactly SAME contents - no flowers - just 30 boxes (2oz - 5oz size) of assorted waffer cream sweets, each one made in Indonesia. 22 boxes were DUPLICATED ITEMS. Only 9 originals. The order was confirmed by Bloomex THREE DAYS LATER as to be "EUROPEAN SAMPLER BASKET" (fruit) and "CHEESE LOVERS BASKET" (cheeses, crackers, toasts, breadsticks and seafood). There was none of that except for duplicate cracker boxes. There was not one fruit, not one seafood. 5 tiny pieces of cheese LOONIE size with no ingredient labels or Country where packaged or made. Presentation: NO rattan baskets, rather tin-can containers with plastic ribbon. The "greeting card" was just glossy paper folded in half with a standard Violet flower, not signed, no message (empty) but did contain a Bloomex Florist Discount 'advertising coupon' delivered on Christmas Eve.

BLOOMEX customer service reported a "group of managers" would call within THREE MORE DAYS if I send pictures. It takes 7 calls to get through to a live voice at Bloomex. No one returns messages.

9 original items (22 duplicated items), non were European origin, (rather Indonesia). Repeated sweets, candy, cream wafers, crackers. SAME tin-can full for EACH separate order.

The labels fail to print the French language version required by Federal Law in Canada. Did the 30 Indonesia "cream" dairy junk sweet products also jump Canadian Dairy Product Law?

Where's the fruit, seafood, gourmet cheeses, European inferred goodies, various display of premium toasts & crackers, wicker display basket and Christmas greeting card? And what's with repeat of items, 22 duplicates?

So many errors? This must be a scheme to scam service to begin with.

Dec 28, 2014

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