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An update on continued problems with Although they posted a new privacy policy, they aren't following their own guidelines. I had a letter from my County Prosecuting Attorney's office, written by a Protection Order Advocate. In no uncertain terms, it stated that my name should be removed from blockshoppers site for safety reasons due to a stalker. It also had a copy of the protection order attached to it. Blockshopper apparently decided that because some info had been redacted (to protect what little privacy is left) that they weren't going to honor the request, and they continue to leave my name on their site. Interestingly enough- within days of receiving my letter- they had an attorney mail a letter to my home address threatening to sue me if I continued to speak out agains blockshopper.

I can honestly say that when I read previous postings that said websites & individuals had been threatened with lawsuits by this company, and had therefore disappeared, I wasn't so sure it was true. I presumed it was angry people getting a little bit dramatic. I offer apologies- as I am now one of the people that blockshopper is trying to intimidate while they continue to expose me to a safety threat. I couldn't fathom that any professional business would threaten people or ignore life-safety issues- but blockshopper has shown themselves to be beyond - way beyond- unprofessional.

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      Mar 03, 2010

    Blockshopper is parasitic and eventually they'll be forced to change. Doesn't help the average person who is being harmed by them in the meantime

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  • Sa
      Apr 06, 2010


    My name is Sarah Goodman, and I am a legal analyst at Balestriere Fariello, a trials and investigations law firm in New York. Our firm has been investigating BlockShopper's potential misconduct and would be interested in hearing more from you about your experience. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

    Thank you,
    Sarah Goodman
    [protected] ext. 132

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  • Ch
      Mar 04, 2011

    Hi 42sharlet, I totally understand how you fell. When I was around 25, I had a stalker and it was a nightmare. I did not own any property back then but I had to change my jobs and where I live. I also changed my phone number and only gave out my new number to my parents and very few very close friend. This stalker somehow still found me because of his powerful father. So I did this identify change all over again and only took cash jobs. This went on for about an year. Years have passed, but I am constantly under fear that this stalker will pop up again especially now with all this information available on the internet. I am usually very careful on what I register on line.

    From what you posted, this website has abosolutely no idea the fear that people like we have to face. They do not understand how dangerous a stalker can be. This website totally ignores other people's safety so they can continue to make money. If one day their kids' safety are put in danger...maybe they will think twice of what they have done to people!!!

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