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Blizzard Entertainment / world of warcraft

1 Grand Junction, CO, United States

This company, since January 2018, has screwed me out of 2 account and somewhere around $1500. I am a 70 yr old, disabled, Vietnam Vet. My son introduced me to the game in 2007. Except for an extended hiatus, until I moved to an area that had a constant Internet connection, I had played until this past weekend. When they robbed the 2nd account from me, using the excuse that they don't know who I am. They want me to send them a varified US ID to prove that I am me. They have no problem what so ever cashing my checks, tho. Understand that I love this game. It's something I have found that satisfies me, and I believe is providing excellent therapy, by keeping my mind sharp, and keeping me interested in something. After my time away, I came back January 2018, and was absolutely delighted that all my old characters, and everything else was just as I had left it. I played for a short time, possibly a month, when I could no longer log on. I contacted a gm or support person, to tell them my problem. They asked me all the usual questions to varify that I am the holder of the account, I answered them, and they said that all the answers were wrong! What? They even told me that I answered the question, What was the first car you ever owned, is wrong! As I became more and more accused of, basically, being a crook, I got really pissed. I told them where the checks came from and the name of my credit union, and the guy tells me that "anyone could find that out.". I'm 71 yrs. now, I could have gone to Palo Alto and slugged this [censored]. Essentially, I was being accused of paying for an account they thought wasn't mine, even though no one else was using it. I stewed for a month, and came back to open a new account. I love this game, as I said, and decided not to let this [censored] rob me of something I enjoy at this late stage of life. I'd lost all of my work from the first 6 or 7 years that I played, and had to start all over. I built a bunch of new characters, met an old pal, and things were going great. Until this weekend, that is, when I could no longer get in. I tried to get in to explain my side of things, when I saw that my subscription had stopped on 11-16-2018, so I went to renew. They kept denying my payment, saying that all cards are not viable, even though this is the card I've used all along, and my account is NOT empty. So, I thought, omg, I have to talk to a rep, again, and listen to his mindnumbing corporate reasoning. The first time this happened, I asked them to look at my checks, and I can tell you everything about them. His respond was that I probably stole the checkbook. Blizzard has made it impossible for a customer to tell them what's going on, and how I have been treated by their company. Now, I am at a total lose as to what to do. Reasoning, truth, and accuracy has nothing to do with this, apparently, unless it's their version of the truth. I wanted to complain about this on the WoW Forum, but since I'm not me, so they won't allow me to do that. I could send them an ID, but my ID has my social security number on it, and they're not getting that. Also, I would ever have to get a copy printed or scanned, or take a picture with my phone. As I explained right off, I'm 71 years old. I don't have a printer. I don't have a cellphone or whatever they're called, now. And, vets, who still haven't killed themselves, usually live alone and have no friends. As a result, I lose and have done nothing wrong! I wanted to call the corporate big cheese, but they have things set up now where you get stuck in a runaround of choices until you realize that and hang up. I love the game, but despise the company. I guess I just had to get this off my chest. I am really insulted and disgusted to have been treated this way, when I have done nothing wrong. thanks for listening. It was good to get it off my chest. If you want to make an old man cry, deny his validity.

Nov 23, 2018

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