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I am so aggrevated. I am new to Blair. I have purchased some clothing and the quality, so far, is good. There is a huge problem when trying to checkout using Paypal. The Blair site connects with Paypal, I sign in and then Paypal returns me to Blair to complete checkout. That is where the checkout process ends. More than once I have abandoned my cart not willingly, but because the process leaves me at a Blair screen with no checkout options. I have sent site feedback to their techs. I have emailed customer service. Those emails often have replies that tell me they did not read my email throughly. One person from customer service was helpful and replied that it was better to order from a PC rather than a tablet (Apple Ipad in my case). So yesterday I ordered from my PC. It made no difference. When Paypal returned me to Blair, there was a scrambled screen showing all of the Blair companies on the top of ineligible words. There is nothing to take me to checkout so there my basket sits, abandoned. Very frustrating. I would be a good customer if I could checkout. The last time this happened they called to ask if I wanted to receive a quilted car coat on back order. I had already received the coat! I am hearing impaired and do not do well over the phone so I emailed them. The carcoat problem was resolved two weeks ago. I emailed them again yesterday after not being able to checkout. Their reply this morning responded to the carcoat! This, I am certain happened because the read only the first email in the string from two weeks ago. Apparently, they do not look at the dates. They never read my email from yesterday regarding checkout with my PC as advised by them. So very frustrating. Adding a screenshot of the Blair screen with no checkout option when using a PC as Blair advised.
Susan S.

Feb 5, 2019

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