BJ's Wholesale Club / bad service from the general sale manager

Hollywood, FL, United States

Pembroke Pines, FL location: Where the customers are always wrong.
On a recent shopping experience on Saturday before mother's day I experienced the worst attitude from of all people, the general manager of this store " Fred" . The store was very full and many customers were in line, I particularly on the self check out lane, which had 3 registers. Suddenly a register was available and a member from another line jumps in front and heads to this register. All of those in line were upset and immediately let the member know that there was a line and people waiting who's turn it was, not theirs. The manager, who was standing there and witnessed this said there was nothing he could do. We told him that as the manager he certainly can tell the member to get back in the line where they were and wait their turn, while allowing the member who's turn it was to go in place. He then proceeded to tell us that we had become loud and that he was trying to avoid a riot! We were all offended by this statement as none of us were in any way violent or appeared to become so, we merely wanted the person that had jumped in front of those patiently waiting not to be able to get their way. He then condescendingly told us to have a happy mother's day. I turned and let all the other members waiting in line to remember that the wonderful thing about technology is that we can all go on line and write about our experience with this manager. The manager then came up to me and said, you go right ahead and post on line ma'm and I will respond. I was so appalled by this man and his overall attitude. He does not belong as a manager or in any capacity dealing with the public, as he clearly does not know how. I hope that BJ's corporation does something about re-training this person. In the meantime, I plan to and caution all of you to avoid this store location.

May 15, 2018

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