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I am a regular Sam's club customer -Member for the past 5 years.
I wanted to try BJ's wholesale. I would horrible customer service.I had that feeling when I entered and never felt my intutions would become real there.

we were just looking at the camera section, when we pulled lightly the belt was a worn out elastic and it triggered the burgalry alarm.

Infact we did not move from the area, we were waiting for assistance .The store Incharge person had the nerve to come and show his face at us. He was as if why the heck we disturbed him. He did not have the courtesy to ask the basic question -" Can I help you".

I told him the cameras were nt working, the look and facial gestures were worse. He said it was burglary alarm and did not care whether we had to purchase the cameras or what and his answers were quite alarming and bad. I wanted to just get out of the club and not buy anything. he hasnt realized nothing comes for free - I bought there for 135 $ - My had earned money.

The workers there have to learn smile and good manners.

This BJ's club is in RT 17 - New jersey East rutherford.

That was my first shopping and I will never shop BJ's unless they have a clean training of what is customer service.
Zero customer service.

Staff everyone.I will never shop this Bj's again or any other BJ's.I will not renew this temp membership also.

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  • Rd
      Dec 09, 2009

    BJ's was one of the worst retail experience I ever had. It was at the Watchung NJ store a few years ago. a tire salesmen went ballastic when I did not know the size tires on my car he became so rude and angry he swung open the door so hard that it hit the wall with a loud bang. he went outside to check my car, when he walked back into the building. I went to customer service to report what happened and they said you look shakened up but did nothing. I asked to see the manager he said that it was hard to believe. I was dumbfounded. I left went to costco signed up for a membership and bought 4 new tires. for the past couple of years I bought alot at Costco with no problems, its out of the way for me but well worth it. I did write a letter to BJ's and never got a reponse just a lot of junk mail for renewing my membership.

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  • Bj
      Feb 04, 2010

    BJS workers are rude I agree but also at any time there are big lanes to pay. Today I almost got a heart attack was my second time before a big storm honest people making a big line but I don't like those people who cut in front, they don't care about others they are dishonest.I watched a few people and I'd fighted this time and the last time in another storm warning. BJS workers dont take about this they said at customer service when I asked. I'm don't to come back again!!!

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  • Yo
      Jul 24, 2010

    Well damn, no wonder that manager was so rude to you, first you set of an alarm in order to get attention, and then, judging by your comment, your grammar and english skills are so horrifying how could one NOT respond negatively? The people who work in retail are people too, not slaves meant to lick your [censor] when you walk in the door. Get a grip on reality a stop shopping at places you obviously don't have the mental capacity to handle, have fun at Walmart :)

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  • Fr
      Jan 22, 2011

    LOL at the above comment! I work at BJ's. People think that just because they pay $50-$90 to shop there, they should be treated like royalty. I am the nicest person there (I work at front door) and I treat everyone with a smile and ask how they are. I very often get the receipts thrown at me, or people handing me one receipt when they know they have two, just to make sure I'm "doing my job." At night when I'm locking the doors to close the store, they push them open saying they "just have to get milk" GO TO WAWA! The people who shop there are MUCH WORSE than the people that work there. So all of you above me need to get a grip on reality.

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