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Bits And Pieces Uk / No customer service, missing goods, poor quality goods

1 Driffield, England, Yorkshire, United Kingdom Review updated:
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Company sends out catalogues to order saying 7-14 days delivery. Small print says 28 days. I placed two orders - waited over a month for one and 42 days for the other, which never arrived. The 'courier' was one man in his own saloon car piled high with badly wrapped parcels - no boxes, just plastic wrapping. Products well photographed, very poor quality in reality. To try to get through to customer services is nearly impossible - spending 10p a minute it soon adds up. Never any response to emails. Eventually, we are now 10 days before Christmas, they say are going to cancel the order (hopefully) and refund my money. So, I am off to shop for replacement presents. I only managed to get through using the sales line - they acted like they were doing me a huge favour by contacting their own 'customer services' for me. TERRIBLE! DO NOT USE THIS DREADFUL BUSINESS.

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  • No
      29th of Oct, 2018

    What an absolute joke this company is.
    Ordered goods advertised on the web site and paid by card. A week later a letter arrived in the post with a cheque attached stating as requested here is your refund. Called customer services (how they get away with calling themselves that should be against trade descriptions) dealt with a man called BRAD who lets just say had the charm of a flea. Not interested, patronising, rude, obnoxious just to name a few.
    Explained I had not contacted them and was expecting my items, was only then informed that my item is no longer available ( it is still on their web page though) asked why I had a cheque and not money paid back to my original method of payment and was informed that is the way it is and basically nothing they will do about it. Explained I am unable to get to a bank, was told to send cheque back and only then will they refund to my original method of payment. WHY DID YOU NOT DO THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!
    You are withholding the money and I will be contacting my bank and will never touch this company again with a barge pole.
    If you like being messed around, patronised, insulted, having your money robbed from you and not get your items then this is the company for you, anyone with common sense STEAR CLEAR.

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  • Mo
      8th of Dec, 2016

    s christmas
    is fast approaching, could you let me know when my order will arrive. Customer no CUO133508 name Moya Aiken.
    I hope the first bit of this message got to you. If not, I am complaining that my order has not been received and I sent it and a cheque for
    £38.95 on 17th oct. Please advise as soon as possible. Moya Aiken .email [protected] Other companies I have ordered from, sent
    the goods within a week !

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  • Pa
      14th of Dec, 2015

    I wish i had know this company was such a joke, took my money and i got nothing!!avoid these crooks i had all caps because iam Pissed!!

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  • Ch
      4th of Feb, 2015

    I ordered a jigsaw top for my 91 year old mother.
    It arrived late and faulty. The handles broke when
    lifting it out and the whole thing was shoddy and
    flimsy. All it consisted of were bits of cardboard, I really
    could have made a better one myself.
    The Customer Services is non- existant. In fact I
    have never come across such poor service. They
    said that they would contact the courier to pick it
    up but they could take up to three weeks to collect.
    If it is not collected by the beginning of next week I
    will be contacting Trading Standards and if I do not
    get a satisfactory result I will be taking it yet further.
    I have also written a letter to the Chief Executive, just
    to see if he is aware of what is going on in his company .
    My advice is AVOID THIS COMPANY.

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  • Al
      30th of Dec, 2014

    An absolutely appalling company and service. Ordered goods on 29th Nov. 2014 in time for xmas delivery. When no delivery by 12th. Dec. I phoned their customer services number. Was advised that my order was with despatch and would be received by Fri 19th. December. No delivery - I phoned on 19th December and was advised my delivery would be guaranteed by xmas. Still no delivery by 1.30 xmas eve. Had to go and buy alternative presents last minute - very stressful. Phoned customer services on 29th. Dec, still no delivery and no apology - in fact it was now no problem to cancel my order - still waiting for my money back. They took my original payment within 24hrs.. DON'T DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY - in my opinion, - THEY ARE COMPLETELY USELESS !!!

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  • Ma
      27th of Dec, 2013

    They advertised - order now for delivery by Christmas - so I placed my order. I phoned them today, 27th December, (paying the 10p a minute plus normal costs), to find out why my stuff hadn't arrived in time for Christmas. I was told that the items have 'Just arrived in the warehouse'. At no point, either when I placed my order, or subsequently, had I been told that they were out of stock or weren't going to arrive in time for Christmas. So I asked if it had now been dispatched as it has arrived in the warehouse and was told, 'No, the warehouse is on holiday until the 2nd January'. And to think I paid £4.99 delivery charge for this service!

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  • Th
      20th of Dec, 2013

    This has to be one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. I placed an order on 3rd December. Received email confirmation shortly after. The money had left my account by the 9th. It is now the 20th of December and, seeing as I've received nothing in return and I'm running out of time, I thought I'd best ring them. I got through relatively easily, compared to some commenting above, and after reporting that nothing had arrived, was put through to customer services and a 'snippy' young man called Dale. I was told my order had been dispatched on the 7th. 'Nothing's arrived', I told him, and he said no, 'it became lost at the depo by the looks of it. Its about the size of three football pitches, that Hermes depo!' 'Can't you track it down?' I stupidly asked. 'No. That's why it's lost.'
    He offered to re-send the order but pointed out that it wouldn't arrive until January. Fine! After a short while he came back to me and said that two of the original three items were now out of stock. That is where my patience ran out! I've asked for a full refund, done through gritted teeth, seething as I was, which, according to Vicky Pollards brother, should be back in my account within three working days. It Had Better Be. As well as the seemingly total disregard for their stock, I also find it strange that with both people I spoke to, neither one wanted the order ID issued with their acknowledgement email when offered.
    Bits And Pieces! The home of puzzles? The only Puzzle, is how they're still trading!

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  • 2w
      12th of Nov, 2013

    I ordered a jigsaw and storm glass barometer. The wrong size jigsaw puzzle arrived - not sure if this was my fault, but was happy to send back to replace with the correct size. Tried the phone but left on hold, and will not sit there while the money mounts up. I have emailed 3 times now and still no response. Do not understand why it is so difficult to reply to an email within a week! Terrible, terrible service. Would recommend anyone to steer clear of this company. What annoys me, is that their catalogue was in a People's Friend which the elderly population read, imagine the stress they would have to go through to put a problem right. If you got your order without a problem and not had to contact Customer Services, lucky you... you are sure to be in the minority.

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  • Ro
      4th of Nov, 2013

    Of the two items I ordered from Bits & Pieces - the Pyramid Clock does not work - and the Storm Glass Barometer arrived, padly packed and broken - with a "noxious" fluid soaked into the cardboard packaging & brochures/correspondence enclosed.
    I emailed Customer Services three days ago but have yet to receive an acknowledgement or reply. I will be using "Which? Legal Services" if I do not get my costs refunded - including postage (as this is a requirement of The "Distance Selling Regulations UK 2000").

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  • No
      31st of Jan, 2013

    Utterly dreadful outfit, who, surprisingly in this day and age, take the money as soon as they take the order - in our case some weeks before delivery. Customer service isn't even a consideration. As many people have already suggested the only course of action is to avoid them like the plague.

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  • Ma
      24th of Dec, 2012

    I really wish I had read these comments earlier. It's now Christmas Eve and I have had to give up hope on a Christmas present arriving and have bought something else, which will be appreciated but not as much as the item I ordered. I telephoned at 9am today hoping to get my money refunded but no reply - just a message telling me that lines open at 8am Monday to Friday (interestingly the website says they are open 24 hours a day!). I am pleased that someone is going to small claims court as I am considering doing the same to claim not only the cost of my item but also the cost of phone calls, petrol to get to shops and cost of new item, if they don't refund within a week. They deducted the money from my account pretty sharpish but seem a bit tardy in repaying! I am just about to try their phone again but don't hold out much hope!

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  • Da
      21st of Dec, 2012

    What shoddy service from this company. Usually I shop from Amazon and have no problems but I ordered 2 of the same item from BitandpiecesUK on 6th December thinking that they would be here in good time for Christmas as I noticed the site stated 'Standard Delivery'. When I rang them last week to check items had been dispatched, I was told 'We quote up to 28 days for dispatch' but delivery in 3-5 working days. Just the same as the others, I missed the small print. The first of the items arrived yesterday but the invoice stated 2 items. Rang them today and they have messed up by only sending one item. Order won't get to their warehouse now until tomorrow and they have no facility for urgent orders or special delivery (which I would have been willing to pay for). Now left minus one present which I will have to go out for tomorrow. WON'T USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN and will definitely check complaints pages of other non-Amazon orders. Dawn Forman-Marshall, Leeds, West Yorkshire

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  • No
      19th of Dec, 2012

    How I wish I had read these comments before placing my order! I ordered at the beginning of December, received no email confirmation or receipt, they took payment on the 10th, the site has no memory of me and nobody answers the phone! I have sent an email this morning threatening court action if I don't get my money back, presuming my order will never arrive. I just feel like an idiot for being taken in by what is obviously a rogue trader! I will have three very disappointed people come Christmas morning now as I haven't got the money to replace their gifts.

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  • Ju
      13th of Dec, 2012

    Further to my post of 23rd November - I am still waiting. The second requested courier collection, another 10 days on top of the first one, has been and gone and no collection of faulty goods. I rang customer services yet again on the 6th December to be told that they had just noticed a problem with my collection and had put things in hand on my behalf. Apparently the courier can't find the care home where the item is to be collected from and so they have sent them directions. This is the same courier who managed to deliver the package in the first place - Hermes - but seem incapable of finding their way back to it. I am not allowed to bring the package to my home as it must be collected from the delivery address. I was told this third requested collection would take up to 3 working days. That deadline passed Tuesday 11th December and no collection has occurred. I spoke to customer services again yesterday and they said they were chasing up Hermes and would be in touch with me by close of business today. I have told them that they are in breach of the Sale of Goods Act and that I intend to sue them if this is not dealt with. I have also emailed them on three occasions but have not had a response. I am being fobbed off in every phone call (which at 10p per minute has cost me a small fortune) and am now on the verge of asking for legal advice as to how to fix this. In the meantime, my mother has now forgotten how to do a jigsaw and shows no interest at all. Not surprising for someone with dementia and Alzheimer's - if something is withdrawn for long enough then the memory dies. I had hoped to keep her occupied with at least one last hobby but sadly this has failed. If anyone reading this has any advice I would be grateful to receive it!

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  • Hh
      12th of Dec, 2012

    After all the bad press Bits and Pieces has had recently I thought I would give my comments re the above, I placed a order for a computer tray, a reading light and 2 storm Glass barometers, I have received my order today and everything is perfect, it was delivered in a safe place as I was out when delivered. It was well packaged and everything first class, after reading the articles and comments I was a little worried, but thankfully everything has turn out well, hope others are as pleased as myself.

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  • Ma
      1st of Dec, 2012

    Ordered barometer from Daily Mail advert, no confirmation or reply to email. Contacted Daily Mail who contacted advertiser and goods delivered recorded post in two days. If you order from a newspaper advert You are covered by the SHOPS scheme(Google for details. Also had email from Bits & Pieces with email address Customer Service UK <[protected]>. Try this if you have problems.

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  • Su
      28th of Nov, 2012

    I have just placed an order with this company two days ago, no confirmation of order email which comes up after you have placed your order, i am beginning to wish i had read all your reviews first, sent them an email today asking them to give me information about the status of my order, no reply yet, and as you say their charges 10p a minute that is a disgrace, do we report all this to trading standards.

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  • Ju
      23rd of Nov, 2012

    I ordered a fold and go jigsaw table at the end of October for delivery direct to my mother who lives in a care home. Jigsaws are her only real form of entertainment and her old faithful table had collapsed so I asked for speedy delivery as the internet was showing 8 in stock. Very helpful lady said she would try to speed delivery up. I went on holiday two days later expecting my mother to receive the goods quickly and be able to get back to her hobby, only to return 12th November to find the item had been delivered to my Mum but was damaged and unusable. I immediately contacted customer services to request an exchange - had difficulty contacting them as although they have taken the monies for the goods from my debit card I have not received any official documentation or email receipt. When the order was traced they arranged a courier pick up - I was told 5 working days but when by yesterday they had still not collected the item I rang and was told that I should have been told 10 days for collection. Deadline for collection is today and as yet no one has turned up. I am not allowed to request the exchange until I am given a 'collections number' on pick up of the faulty goods. This is wholly unsatisfactory and in the meantime my poor demented mother has spent almost a month without being able to carry out what is the only form of entertainment left to her. I'm so frustrated. Customer services say they have re-requested courier collection so it could take another 10 days. I will not hold my breath!! I really hate this shoddy attitude towards honest customers.

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  • To
      21st of Nov, 2012

    Order placed on internet, where 24 hour delivery promised for this item, 'required delivery date' facility completed for 2 days later. On given date, waited in all day for delivery, which didn't happen. No confirmation email has been received, money has been taken from credit card account. 3 complaining emails have been sent to them - no response. Telephone tried at 10p per minute, put on hold! Still awaiting delivery 10 days later.

    Tony J.

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  • Rp
      7th of Feb, 2012

    May I add my disappointment with this company to the above comments? My order was made and paid for on December 6, 2011, so it is now over two months that I have been waiting. Emails remain unanswered and the one time I felt rich enough to wait for someone to eventually answer the phone (in early January) I was told that there was " no problem" with the order and it had "gone through" and that I should get it " by the end of next week". I asked why it was taking so long for orders to be dispatched and got the "it is Christmas" response.
    This company has a shocking disregard for its customers. I am no legal expert but surely taking money from customers and not delivering goods is breaking some type of law? Can't we have the company on something?

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