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BitDefender / unauthorized credit card charges

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I purchased Bitdefender Antivirus online via their website for several years without a problem. This year, Bitdefender renewed itself without my OK. From what I've read in other complaints, they claim to have an opt out selection somewhere. I keep scans of my purchases and I can tell you there was no such thing. Avangate, who handled this unauthorized charge, mentions an opt-out selection on their web site but I had never been to their site. Never knew it existed. My last purchase was made through the Bitdefender site with a login and password I had set up there. Was I expected to seek out Avangate and see if I needed to PREVENT them from taking my money every year? This cannot be legal. It is very very bad business at best.

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  • Rj
      24th of Aug, 2011
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    Hi Blueby, My name is Rozeen and I work for Bitdefender. We're so sorry for the problem you faced.
    Kindly note that your credit card was charged because the automatic renewal option remained enabled on your order when you first purchased the product from our website.
    also note that Avangate is one of our online stores and all the orders placed on our website are processed by Avangate or Digital River(the other online store).When you first purchased the product, an account was created on Avangate`s sales platform and the you can login at anytime to that account and disable the automatic renewal option.
    If you want to to receive a refund for the automatic renewal charge please send us an e-mail at
    Thank you

  • Ad
      27th of May, 2012
    +2 Votes

    BitDefender hides this auto-renewal clause in their Terms and Conditions, which they are fully aware that nobody reads, when it should be a visible feature on the purchase page. Also, there is no option in the my account page to disable this.

    They charged my Paypal account with this without my knowledge and now they are delaying and postponing the refund for a product I didn't buy!

    They are worst than the scums from which they pretend to protect you!

  • Ti
      10th of Mar, 2017
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    @Adrian Unhappy Customer same here, and if I don't have an Avangate account, and have never even tried to logon before today, in an effort to 'opt out' of automatic renew and cancel my subscription to Bitdefender, which I uninstalled almost a year ago, how the hack am I supposed to cancel all of this?

  • Pa
      18th of Feb, 2013
    +4 Votes

    Bitdefender just did the same thing to me. They said they sent emails they were going to charge me. Lie, lie, lie. They charged me on 2/16//13 for an order (they said) on 2/17/13. How is that they can charge before the order. I did not have auto renew. I have emailed and contacted them by phone and they just keep trying to keep my money. I have filed an unauthorized transaction through PayPal. I have to say buyer beware when dealing with this terrible terrible company.

  • Ch
      4th of Jul, 2013
    +4 Votes

    They did this to me as well, absolutely outrageous response from them via e-mail saying that I was past their thirty day refund policy. It helps if you actually know in time that you have had your money taken! I have tried to recover my money via the bank. They will never have me as a customer again and i will make sure that anyone i know who needs an antivirus program and was thinking of using their products knows what they are like. It will cost them more than they will make out of me i will make sure.

  • Eu
      8th of Oct, 2014
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    Bitdefender charged my visa card without my authorization a few days ago. I contacted them via and they offered my 6 months free of charge product and claimimg, we just want to protect your data, thats why we use auto-renewal function...
    I am not interested in any business with a company that charges my visa card without my authorization. People call that a ### company/business.
    Is there anyway we can make a legal suite against this company?

  • Be
      20th of Apr, 2016
    +2 Votes

    I am so glad I came to this website and read the reviews on Avangate. I almost ordered something by credit card from these guys. I am glad for the people who took the time to write a complaint. This awful that such a company as this is allowed to continue doing business. I have and will not order anything from these scammers. Thanks out there folks!

  • Gd
      28th of Apr, 2016
    +1 Votes

    To Customer Service :
    I paid for one Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 for 3 PCs, 1 year. :
    29$, online order #
    BUT, I am being charged also for installing (One intervention) and
    setup…which I never authorized or wanted
    38.60$ # Please cancel all order now.

    This is the same old story; you will be stuck for a very long time so be prepared! 90% of the people quit and this is what they want !!!
    .Is it possible to take legal action against these companies?

    This is a stereotyped letter that you will receive over and over !!!
    Dear XXXX,
    Thank you for reaching Avangate.
    We manage the eStore for Bitdefender, com, as well as for other Software & Online Services companies. Refunds are approved directly by the Software Publisher.
    We have sent a refund notification to Bitdefender on your behalf and they will contact you in the shortest time possible. If you want to follow-up up on the status of your request, we recommend contacting their Support Center (phone numbers can be found below):
    Customer Service Representative Avangate Support

  • Yo
      22nd of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes

    To Customer Service :
    I paid for one Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 for 3 PCs, 1 year. :
    29$, online order #
    The same thing happen to me, .BUT, I am being charged for an authomatic renewal for $118. This is too much and illegal.
    Please cancel my order immediately.

  • Jo
      3rd of Nov, 2016
    0 Votes

    Same issue here. Bit Defender refuses to respond to any requests. They just charge you CC without any notice. Stay away from this company. I have opened a dispute with PP and Bit Defender sent me threatening email in response. At this point I think I am going to need to close my Pay Pal account in order to ensure this does not happen again.

  • Ti
      10th of Mar, 2017
    0 Votes

    @John Paul Jones By the grace of God, I managed to intercept unauthorized PP payment before it went through my bank. I have no idea how to even cancel my first and only subscription, which bitdefender central says is active. I have no accounts with either Avangate or mybitedefender, so how to get out of this mess? Live and learn.

  • Sh
      5th of Dec, 2017
    0 Votes

    I too had been ripped by these guys. Last year I subscribed to it because there was an offer. Today I was shocked to see an unauthorised charge on my debit card. This is ridiculous, they are shamelessly storing our card information without our consent just to rip off the customers who trusted them. Thieves and card fraudsters are no different from them. What if all vendors and pos starts storing our cards like they do. This is a serious issue. This is against the morals and against pci compliance. Not a good business.I have sent mails and is yet to get a reply. still waiting. I have raised a complaint in my bank. what a cheap way to earn money.

  • Ri
      21st of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    I canceled Bitdefender over a year ago after they canceled on me saying I had not paid and the service was canceled by them, they suddenly here they come and charge to my Visa account, but still say it is canceled, then they charge me a second time - then I cancel them! A year later, here they come with a charge to my account for something I no longer even want or have. I canceled with my bank. If they charge it again, I cancel with my bank again. This can continue until they get it through their thick skulls I am no paying them...

  • Ga
      26th of May, 2018
    0 Votes

    I renewed my anti-virus for iMac protection with Bitfender via an email offer with a discount if I renewed early. One month later and their auto-renewal kicked in and they took monies from my Paypal account for the same service. One would assume they would have updated my account to reflect the early payment but from what I have read online this appears to be something they do on a regular basis.

    I requested a refund and they replied to my email that if I let them keep the monies instead they would apply it to my account and extend my service. I declined and requested the refund.

    In the meantime, I opened a claim with Paypal because I sensed getting my money back from Bitdefender through Avangate ( their servicing company and a company I had never heard of until all of this happened) was going to be difficult at best.

    After providing Paypal with their correspondence acknowledging they owed me money, Paypal ruled my case in Bitdefenders favor because the "duplicate" payment amounts didn't match. Of course they didn't match! One was discounted. So now I have paid Bitdefender twice for a one year subscription renewal.

    I suspect I have lost my monies but I will continue to pursue a refund. In the meantime, I urge readers not to use Bitdefender's services. A legit, professional company would have acknowledged their error and immediately issued a refund. Instead they are playing games, which appears to be a game they play on a regular basis.

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