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BitDefender / Un-Authorized credit Card charges

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Purchase bit defender previously. Like product. At renewal time, recieved a notice from bit defender that I would automatically be renewed unliess I opted out, no amount stated. Vistied their website but could find no renewal price so decided to opt out. Submitted opt out request. No response, nothing. A few days later I get the same notice again. Again I opt out. This time I get a reply that says the email box to which I replied is not in service and that I needed to contact customer support at provide link. Provided link took me into bit defender / digital river (I have run into digital river before and had similar awful experiences). On the site forms are provided which have drop down lists of problems to select from, none of which include declination of auto renewal. This cycle concludes with bitdefender sending an email that I have been renewed.

I tried various support options through the bit defender web site. The chat does not work. There are numerous avenues to forms similar to requests I submitted already to no avail. Finally found a blank text from that promised a 24 hour response but of course never heard anything.

Found a corprate number. First try I get transferred to customer service, which then ultimatley, after holding, simply disconnects. Kept calling the number, trying various options until I got a real person who promptly transferred me to customer service.

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  • Ja
      5th of Mar, 2009

    Same thing happened to me! Just received my credit card bill and I am irate! I opted out of autorenewal and received an e-mail that said they received my request, but they still charged me anyway. Isn't this illegal? This is out-right stealing.

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  • Do
      8th of Mar, 2009

    Bit Defender License Renewal/Opt Out Scam

    The internet forums are full of identical stories about this Bit-Defender Scam. Essentially when you sigh up for Bit Defender which is a working legit Digital River supported anti-virus program, it will automatically sign you up for automatic license renewal. This is not made clear anywhere when you are signing up except in fine print (somewhere). Essentially, what this means is that if you don't do anything it will keep charging the subscription fee every year!

    They (Digital River) send you an email about a month before the renewal that you can opt out of auto renewal and give you an address: to do so. Nowhere on this site is Bit Defender even mentioned and looks like a typical email scam (which is ridiculous to begin with). The e-mail will look like the following: "This notice is to remind you that your subscription coverage from Bit Defender, LLC. will automatically renew soon. If you would like to opt-out and cancel your subscription, please go here:"

    If you do actually use the site they give you, it will take you to the original order page where you bought your bit-defender subscription (this is what the order number mentioned in the e-mail is for). At the bottom right of the page you will see tiny lettering to cancel you auto-renewal. Clicking this does not cancel your auto renewal; it merely takes you to a general comment submission page where you can request to have it canceled among all other kinds of requests. After you submit a comment you are basically at the mercy of some customer service staffer to actually read it and do something about in time before you get charged to your credit card once again. From what I have seen on forums they are likely to charge you anyway. They only people who seem to have gotten any results is those who called in and had Digital River stop the auto-renewal while on the phone with them (this too sounds like a pain though).

    From what I have researched about this, is that there is a complete disconnect between the Digital River people who collect the money and the actual Bit Defender program and Service, neither group seems to know what the other is doing.

    The frustrating thing is that this is a legitimate antivirus program that works fairly decently but everything about the subscription process and the Digital River involvement seems designed to result in unwanted and likely illegal unauthorized subscription renewals.

    For those of you affected there is talk of a class action lawsuit on the web, but until then I would complain to any consumer group you can think of and maybe one day this will be fixed. Those of you considering BitDefender, don’t! the account issues are not worth the anti-virus capabilities.

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  • Ja
      9th of Mar, 2009

    Just an update on my status that I thought would be helpful for others - I found this # for Digital River on another forum - 1-800-656-5426. I called and was on hold for less than 5 minutes and talked to a very nice guy named Matt. He gave me a refund to my credit card (at least he said he did) and turned off the auto-renewal. Be sure to request a refund within 30 days of you being charged. I have a second charge to my credit card that was more than 30 days (but I didn't know about it because I just received my bill). There is a different procedure for getting a refund for charges more than 30 days - we'll see how that goes. Be warned though - using the "Opt-out of auto renewal" through the link in the e-mail to "FINDMYORDER.COM" does NOT work! I did this and was charged anyway.
    I'm happy with the BitDefender anti-virus software, but the auto-renewal situation caused me some stress. I think Bit Defender needs to overhaul their customer service.

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  • Ra
      21st of May, 2009

    The opt out procedure has been significantly improved and it is now very easy to use. Now when you login to, you have the possibility to cancel the automatic billing option in a second if you don’t want this option. If you didn’t manage to cancel the order within 30 days after the first notification, you can also contact the BitDefender customer service team and they will cancel the autorenewal order:
    Auto renewal is an option trough which the customers benefit from continuous protection and upgrades. It is really appreciated by those who don’t want to manually renew their subscription every year.

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  • Jo
      7th of Feb, 2010

    my bit defender should be good to july 21, 2010. My pc says my license is expired, and lookes like it is not working now, , HELP HELP
    Joan Geer
    1125 Fyffe Ave
    New Carlisle, oh 45344

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  • Jo
      7th of Feb, 2010


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  • Ra
      25th of Feb, 2010

    Hi Kuberdiner!
    I am Raluca, from BitDefender. Just wanted to let you know that we apologize for any inconvenience that you might have experienced with our product or with our support. When you send us an email you receive an automatic reply with a Ticket ID in the subject as a confirmation that we received the email so that we can provide you with a solution in the shortest time possible. Please send us your contact details and rest assured that we will investigate what happened and we will assist you with your issue. We also invite you to contact us via Email, Chat, Phone or Forum using the link bellow:
    thank you!

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  • Ra
      25th of Feb, 2010

    Hi Joan!
    As we need to verify your license key, we invite you to contact us directly by email, phone or by LiveAssistance : so that we can reach you and investigate what happened.
    Since your account should be valid until up to July 21, 2010 the situation will certainly be clarified once we have more details about your BitDefender subscription.
    Meanwhile, we also invite you to check out our KB article on troubleshooting early expiration:
    Thank you for your understanding!

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  • Dd
      17th of Mar, 2010

    I tried to op-out using their website and I kept getting an error on the next page. I tried to send a message but haven't heard from them. I saw someone posted a number but that number no longer works as of March 17, 2010. But, the message did give me a non-1-800 number. The customer service I got was 1-952-253-1234. I believe I selected the option 2 on the phone and stayed on the phone for a short while. That phone number had a link where there was a 24 hours service, which I did get through with no problem. The support removed the Automatic Renewal and my subscription will be cancelled. . .I am still able to get updates until my end of contract of Sept 2010. Afterwards, the support told me that I will get an email stating my subscription will be cancelled . So, we will see. I better keep this number for future reference in case I have problems in Sept.

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  • Bi
      5th of Aug, 2010

    I got 2 e-mails today from Digital River telling me to go to if I want to cancel my bitdefender auto-renewal. I checked my records and found 2 order numbers (1 was a canceled order). I was able to log in using both order numbers, and for the one order that was not previously canceled, there was a small grey hyper text at the bottom saying "cancel auto-renewal." Done. Do I trust it?? I called anyway using the number above (1-952-253-1234) which I also found in some of my original order e-mails from bitdefender. Digital River said they no longer handle auto-renewal issues, and that I should deal directly with bitdefender. I called them next using this number:

    Bitdefender Support Numbers:
    United States: 1-954-928-2780
    Canada: 1-888-527-9405
    United Kingdom: 02071-539-959

    Australia: +61 1300 510631
    New Zealand: +64-998 535 51
    WorldWide: +40 316 204 235

    Bitdefender assured me that I will not be charged. We'll see I guess. Funny thing is my original order date was July 2009, and it is now August 2010 so if it was truely an auto-renewal... you'd think they would have done it a little earlier. So far, no credit card charge. I'll fight it if it shows up. Thinking of canceling that credit card anyway.

    What a stupid way to do business. Bitdefender has completely lost my business. To compound my lack of interest with their products, I had to stop using it anyway since it caused Adobe Photoshop to crash. Piece of crap software if you ask me. There are better ones out there.

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  • Ra
      24th of Aug, 2010

    @ bisquick We have verified your account and you have cancelled the autorenewal option, so you shouldn't worry, no new charges will be applied to your account, nor will you receive any notifications about it.
    We also regret the fact that our previous versions didn't meet your expectations, we really hope to have you back as a fan with the new 2011 product suite :)

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  • Ru
      27th of Aug, 2010

    Same thing here. Good news is my credit card expires in Dec. so this will be the last time they can do this.

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  • Sh
      29th of Aug, 2010

    their website sucks too. it's like they purposely try to make cancelling difficult. no number to call. i can't email them or chat real time with anybody to cancel AGAIN. because i've bought a new laptop and don't have the license key number. but i can't get the license key number unless i get it from them. but i can't talk to them unless i have the licence key number!! uurghh! so frustrating. they've charged 69.95 and 29.95 in the last week. for a product i cancelled almost a year ago. for some reason the number on my credit card no longer handles them as clients so they can't cancel my bitdefender? with the hell does that mean!! is that even legal to put that number on a credit card if they can't do anything about that transaction? update the goddmn number!!

    and you would think that any business that gave a crap about the people who buy their software would think ahead of time about the people who could lose or otherwise not access their license numbers, and have another option for them to contact customer service without checking every friggin link on their site.

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  • Li
      19th of Oct, 2010

    I downloaded the trial version FOR 30 DAYS 2 days ago and yesterday I had no protection on my computer. Said my trial had expired. I did a LIve CHAT and was told there was a problem and I would hear from them. I did thru an e-mail which toild me to go to start then BItdefender and follow the instructions. Still, I had to go to uninstall and click on repair to get it going again. Already problems with this? I doubt I'll buy it now. Think I'll go with Kaspersky.

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  • Ga
      1st of May, 2011

    I just recieved my crredit card bill to see I have been febilled for another year. This is despite me opting out and filling in a "please dont leave us " survey. Rang customer service (1300510631 I'm in Australia) and got a very polite and uderstanding operator who has told me I will hear from a supervisor to arrange a refund...we'll see.

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  • Da
      25th of Sep, 2011

    Same problem with this program. I quit using it about 6 months ago then received a $90 bill for a new purchase. This company is not worth of support.

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  • Ze
      17th of Jun, 2014

    I have had exactly this problem. I have been hit by the re-newal charge on my credit card few days ago after I bought BitDefender Antivirus! Also last year I was very carefull and cancelled my auto-renewal (I still have the email confirmation) and still this year I had been charged for the auto-renewal. I wrote to Bitdefener and they have not replied to my email within 48 hours as they claim on their website! In my eyes BitDefender is a SCAM!!! Stay away from BitDefender!

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  • Ca
      17th of Jan, 2015

    Yes Bitdefender are still at it, I've just been billed twice for the same product? 2015 Total security so I have opened up a dispute in PayPal will have to wait 9 days to get my money back, I reported it to Bitdefender support but all they had to say was
    I have taken note of your refund request; unfortunately, we cannot process your refund request since your bank has opened a chargeback procedure on Bitdefender Total Security. People steer clear, don’t get me wrong it's a good Security suite but it managed by a bunch of crooks.

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  • Se
      13th of Feb, 2015

    Dealing with the same problem, Avangate is responsible for auto renewals and Bitdefender for refunds. Getting refund is like pulling teeth. Going to wait another few days and disputing the charge. This is insane, like everyone on here I think product is good. Logistics need serious work. Another example of a company that grew too quickly and it is going to be their downfall.

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  • Ti
      18th of Feb, 2015

    Wow, almost 6 years later and Bitdefender is still deceiving customers out of their money? I never opted in for auto renewal, but they still tricked me into opting in without my knowledge. I also like how they send renewal promotions via email months before your license expires, even though they fully know that they already suckered you into auto renewal when you first signed up. You take the renewal offer, and a few months later they're charging you for a second license you didn't want. They also purposely make your customer service experience the worst possible so that you give up on the issue, and they get away with theft. You can't even get in touch with an actual person who can refund your money via the phone, it's all done through an inefficient email system that responds to your inquiries every 2 to 3 days. It's a "genius" scam on their part. Beware, and never do business with this company or its affiliates.

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