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Recently I am financing a car from Birchwood Nissan dealership in Winnipeg. I have inspected this car with my friends and dealer that there is no scratches and chipped wind shield. However, when I picked up my car, I found the scratches from the rear bumper and a small chipped wind shield. I was asking the sale consultant, Colton, who told me they can't fix that for me, and said " you are buying a used car that's supposed to be like that." I kept telling him that I needed that fix, and he just told me I needed to move my car away from their garage and nothing they can do to me anymore. I parked my car, and I tried to talk with one of the sale managers there. His name is Erin Cook. He was suspected me I made that happened in the beginning. However, I just moved that car from their garage and parked right in front of their dealership. He told me he needed to ask he could fix that for me. After awhile, he came back with a scratch touch up pen and gave that to me, and told me that's all he can do it for me. Giving me a scratch touch up pen, it isn't same color from the car I bought how useful it is. I asked him how about my wind shield. In the beginning, he was suggesting me to claim for the MPI. That's not my ###ing fault because when I picked it up, your company didn't fix that for me. He found that I didn't have the patient, and said to me I could go to the speedy glass to fix it, but they wouldn't pay for it. I was like he can be the sale manager? He doesn't even know how to deal with CUSTOMERS. Finally, Erin Cook told me the truth is they didn't make money for this car which I have just financed, and they are losing money, plus giving me a good discount. However, I never got any discounts from them. It's because the car is been on sale, and they were just giving me the on sale price, and I haven't got any discounts from them after the on sale price. I have contacted to my dealer that tried to help me. Today I received a voice message from Erin Cook which he said if I ain't happy about the car, he would love to give me the fully refund, otherwise, nothing they can do it to me. I don't want the fully refund, and I just want they fix the scratches and chipped wind shield.

Birchwood Nissan
Birchwood Nissan

Jan 22, 2015
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  • Mk
      Jan 23, 2015

    You bought a used car... It is sold AS IS... If you came to pick it up and decided you did not want it like it is and they are not willing to fix it then you don't take it...

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